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Contemporary Saxophone

by John Laughter
This book contains info on: creating solos; selecting a sax, mouthpiece, reed and ligature; mics and sound systems; choreography; and more. Includes an artists' equipment list, discography, and CD performances by Jay Davidson and Don Wise.
00000144Book/CD Pack $17.95

Country Fiddle

by Marilyn Bos
This well-thought-out book is divided into 17 lessons for the intermediate player. Contains simple to advanced fiddle tunes, exercises to help the player develop a strong supple left-hand and flexible balanced bow-arm, chords for each tune, and more.
00000003 $8.95

Cowboy Songs for Harmonica

by Glenn Weiser, foreword by Ranger Doug Green
The harmonica is indelibly associated with the popular image of the cowboy, playing his plaintive, warbling melodies to wile away the evening hours and calm the cattle, as music was known to do, after the herd had stopped for the night. With few options for entertainment along the trail, other than poetry, dancing and music, itís no wonder that hundreds of songs emerged from the Old West telling of the cowpuncher's life, the exploits of famous outlaws, and other aspects of frontier existence. In this book, youíll find 27 of these traditional ballads arranged for the 10-hole diatonic harmonica. All songs include music notation, harmonica tablature, guitar chords, lyrics and online audio files with acoustic guitar backing tracks.
00242719Book/Online Audio $19.99

Dave Celentano's Guitar Techniques

by Dave Celentano
In this book/CD pack, ace guitarist Dave Celentano shares his performance-enhancing exercises designed to increase accuracy, speed and agility, and maximize practice time. Contains new and challenging information for players of all ability levels.
00000314Book/CD Pack $19.95

Depression Era Country Guitar

by Joseph Weidlich
Explore how the traditional parlor style guitar backups, used during the golden age of the Old Time Music string band performance style were further developed by guitarists during the Depression years of the 1930's. The genesis of those developments lies principally in the techniques popularized by the Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers on their recordings that featured the use of the flat pick instead of a thumb pick, use of left hand embellishments including adjacent string dron usage, development of "hot licks" based on chromatic passing note sequences and syncopations, and the popularity of licks played on the higher pitched tenor guitar.
00262110Book/Online Audio $22.99

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