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History of Japanese Electric Guitars

By Frank Meyers
Many guitar players, famous and not so famous began playing on Japanese electric guitars, yet the history of the people and factories that produced these instruments has remained largely ignored. For the first time in this illustrated history, author Frank Meyers will examine the Japanese electric guitars and factories that were active during the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, identifying the various people, companies, and guitars that contributed to the huge guitar boom of the 1960s. Includes hundreds of fantastic color photographs, a chapter of 130 pickups, and a chapter on collecting vintage Japanese guitars. A must-have for guitar collectors.
001441718.5 x 11 Full Color $34.99

History of the Ludwig Drum Company

by Paul William Schmidt
This book uses extensive interviews with the Ludwigs and photos from their personal collections to recall the origins, development and tools of crafting drums. You'll also discover why the best drummers use Ludwigs. Over 150 photos and illustrations make this an invaluable reference source for all drummers.
00000132(172 pages) $29.95


The Complete Violin Bass Story
Steve Russel & Nick Wass
“The Complete Hofner Violin Bass Story” has been produced using the Hofner Company archives, and with help from, and a Foreword by, Walter Hofner’s daughter Gerhilde. The book provides the reader with a unique insight into this famous bass guitar, and of the many people who have influenced its path over the last 60 years. Also included: dating a Violin bass, serial numbers, body dates, pickup information and much more. A must have book for all collectors.
00119788Softcover $34.99

Hot Licks & Cool Tips for E9th Tuning on Pedal Steel Guitar

with Tommy White
Tommy White is well-known as one of the foremost artists on pedal steel guitar. This steel guitarist for the Grand Ole Opry presents this DVD course for the E9th tuning Đ jam-packed with hot licks to keep your fingers twisted up for days. Learn how to play amazing speed picking runs and double stops, get great tone, play clear harmonics, and develop new licks. 45 minutes.
00000414DVD $19.95

Hot Spicy Trumpet Solos with a Spanish Flair

by Gerald F. Knipfel
This book of exciting original trumpet solos has a Spanish flair that will entice young students to want to perform. The melodies will make practicing more fun while at the same time introducing various time signatures, musical styles, and fingering techniques. All solos were named for and influenced by trumpet great Rafael Mendez, who was the composer’s inspiration. Included with the solos are piano and guitar accompaniments making them perfect for state solo contests as well as general performances. They are designed for intermediate level players.
00329680Book/Online Audio $19.99

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