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Backpackers Songbook

compiled by Ron Middlebrook
Backpacking is the third largest sport in America, and this 6"" x 9"" spiral-bound book will be in the back country with the hikers. Contains lyrics and chord changes for more than 200 songs, from the best of folk and songs from around the world to songs of the holidays. Also includes complete guitar and banjo chord charts for the backpacker, and much more! A must even if you don't go backpacking!
00000004 $5.50

Backup Dobro

Exploring the Fretboard
by Doug Cox
In this book you'll learn creative, fun techniques and ideas on playing backup. Playing backup means responding in a sensitive manner to singers and other musicians. So let's take a serious look at what to do when you're not soloing. The question is: to play or not to play?
00000345Book/CD Pack $19.95

Bass Guitar Chords

by Ron Middlebrook
84 of the most popular chords for bass guitar. Covers: finger placement, note construction, chromatic charts, and the most commonly used bass scales. Also has a helpful explanation of the common 2-5-1 progression, and the chords in all keys.
00000073 $2.95

Bebop Guitar

Basic Theory and Practice for Jazz Guitar in the Style of Charlie Parker
by Joseph Weidlich
This book/CD pack shows guitarists how to transform basic jazz improv techniques into bebop figures in Bird’s famous “with strings” style by making chromatic and rhythmic alterations. Includes many musical examples, most in the user-friendly key of G major, to accommodate players not well versed in jazz flat keys.
00001196Book/CD Pack $25.95

Beginning Clawhammer Banjo

by Ken Perlman
Ken Perlman is one of the most celebrated clawhammer banjo stylists performing today. In this new DVD, he teaches how to play this exciting style, with ample close-ups and clear explanations of techniques such as: hand positions, chords, tunings, brush-thumb, single-string strokes, hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides. Songs include: Boatsman, Cripple Creek, Pretty Polly. Includes a transcription booklet. 60 minutes.
00000330DVD $19.95

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