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Advanced Rock Rhythm Guitar

For Electric and Acoustic Guitar
by Dave Celentano
Dave Celentano concludes his "three level" rock rhythm guitar course with challenging rhythm work in the styles of funk/rock, fast boogie blues, slow blues/rock, and heavy metal. Techniques and topics covered are fast electric and acoustic strums, palm muting, string muting, scratch strumming, riff rhythms, seventh and ninth chords, power chords, bar chords and more. Dave demonstrates each example then breaks it down into smaller sections for learning. Includes a booklet of all examples. 60 minutes.
00000351DVD $19.95

Afro-Cuban Drumming

by Glen Caruba
Glen Caruba is a talented percussionist who has worked with Bruce Springsteen, Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, Bruce Hornsby, Arturo Sandoval, and others. His comprehensive guide to traditional and contemporary styles of Afro-Cuban drumming will start the beginner out right and help professionals come up with new rhythms and ideas in this increasingly popular genre.
00000182Book/CD Pack $19.95

An Acoustic Guitar Christmas

Musical Arrangements in Standard Notation & Tablature
by David Kurtz
Guitarist David Kurtz shares his personal arrangements of classic Christmas songs, as well as his own original compositions to celebrate the holiday season. These songs are written in both standard notation as well as tablature, so that everyone can enjoy learning, playing and performing them for family and friends! These lush arrangements sound full and intricate, yet are fully accessible to all levels of playing. Grab your acoustic guitar, a cozy spot near the fireplace, and enjoy these sounds of the Christmas season.
00102912Book/CD Pack $15.99

Arranging for Open Guitar Tunings

By Dorian Michael
This book/CD pack teaches intermediate-level guitarists how to choose an appropriate tuning for a song, develop an arrangement, and solve any problems that may arise while turning a melody into a guitar piece to play and enjoy.
00000313Book/CD Pack $19.95

Art of the Slap

by Brian Emmel
This slap bass method book, designed for advanced beginning to intermediate bassists, is based on the understanding and application of modes. The focus is on the concept of groove sculpting from modes, and not on actual right- and left-hand techniques. The CD features recordings of all the examples, plus a split-channel option to let you practice your playing. Includes 13 songs.
00000229Book/CD Pack $16.95

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