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How to Become a Film Composer

by Tom Harrison/Foreword by Robert Kraft
Tom Harrison's book, How to Become a Film Composer gives up-and-coming composers the inspiration, information and the tools necessary to succeed in today's music for media industry. The book begins with breaking down how to approach music in a dramatic context and how to cultivate your own unique sound. Next, Harrison covers the technical computer skills needed to work in this digital era of music production and finally provides a thorough guide to building a successful career.
00285989Book/Online Audio $29.99

Hutton's Guide to Martin Guitars: 1833-1969

Forewords by Dick Boak, George Gruhn and Joe Spann
by Greig Hutton
It is now more than 40 years since Mike Longworth published his seminal book on the Martin Guitar Company. It was Mike's book that stirred Greig Hutton's original interest in Martin Guitars and it put him on the path to seeking more information and insights. Martin Guitars: A History became the first of a long list of books that have continuously expanded the information available for the Martin instruments. This book will not just recapitulate previous research; rather, it will build on earlier work while filling in gaps using source documents, as well as collating new information of previous publications, none of this information was incorporated into the book without direct comparison to the source archival documents. Includes 400 photos and forewords by Dick Boak, George Gruhn and Joe Spann.
01104293 $80.00

It Was a Trip, On Wings of Music

by Jerry Byrd
A fixture on the country scene, Jerry Byrd was a session player in Nashville in the mid-1940s and was influential in the development of the "Nashville Sound." Drawn to the music of Hawaiian steel guitarists, he went on to develop a style and invent tunings that would become synonymous with the instrument. In 1972, Byrd headed for Hawaii, only to discover that the islands had turned their back on the instrument that gave them their signature sound. Thus, Byrd's mission became to reacquaint Hawaii with its own creation. His inspiration not only bridged country and Hawaiian music, but also secured the steel guitar's place in the 21st century.
00000317(144 pages) $24.95

Keith Ferguson

Texas Blues Bass
by Detlef Schmidt, forewords by Jimmie Vaughan and Billy F. Gibbons
Ask any blues bass player to name their most influential blues bass player, and almost all will mention Willy Dixon for upright bass and Keith Ferguson from the Fabulous Thunderbirds for electric bass. Keith played with all the great guitar players from Texas: Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmie Vaughan, Rocky Hill, Billy F. Gibbons, Omar Dykes, and Alan Haynes, just to mention a few. In this extensively researched biography, Detlef Schmidt starts with Keith’s early childhood, and on to his playing days. Keith’s role in the late 1970s blues revival can’t be forgotten, with his style of playing and dressing being influential to many blues bands all over the world. Many of Keith Ferguson’s old friends and musical partners share their memories of a great bass player and fascinating person, with quotes and interviews from Johnny Winter, Lou Ann Barton, Fran Christina, Preston Hubbard, Mike Buck, and many more. Hundreds of never before published photographs and personal documents are shown for the first time. Oversized, 320 pages, full-color throughout.
00137719Oversized, 320 pages, full-color $39.00

Lap Steel Guitar

by Andy Volk
This first-ever comprehensive book about lap-steel and console steel guitars includes: interviews and profiles of more than 35 of the greatest electric and acoustic steel guitarists of the past and present, representing most forms of music played in the world today. Also includes resources for guitars, amplifiers, accessories, instructional materials, steel guitar tunings; and much more.
00000320(336 pages) $35.00

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