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Making an Archtop Guitar

by Robert Benedetto
The definitive work on the design and construction of an acoustic archtop guitar by one of the most talented luthiers of the twentieth century. Benedetto shows all aspects of construction, even through marketing your finished work. Includes a list of suppliers; a list of serial numbers for Benedetto guitars; full-color plates; photos from the author's personal scrapbook; and fold-out templates.
00000174(260 pages) $39.95

Moderne Guitar

The Holy Grail of Vintage Guitars
by Ronald Lynn Wood
The Gibson Moderne is an electric guitar designed by Gibson in 1957 alongside the Flying V and Explorer as part of a stylistically advanced line. Sources claim that Gibson made a handful of prototypes, but an original has yet to surface. The Moderne was eventually put into production in 1982. Because of their very limited production and forward design, Modernes are highly sought by collectors. Here is the story, explained in interviews and photos, of this curious development associated with the golden era of guitar making. Full color throughout!
00001208240 pages $29.95

Moonlight in Vermont

The Official Biography of Johnny Smith
by Lin Flanagan
This is the biography of the man whom many jazz guitar legends call “The Master”. Johnny Smith (1922-2013) was the jazz guitarist’s jazz guitarist. During the 1950’s he worked for the network broadcasters in New York while also playing regularly at clubs such as Birdland opposite Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, George Shearing and many other legends of jazz. He was the most revered guitarist on the New York jazz scene during a golden era. His technical virtuosity, quality of tone, musical sophistication and literacy were unrivaled in jazz guitar circles. Many celebrated jazz guitarists still consider him to be the benchmark of musicianship by which all others are measured. This is the biography of the man whom many jazz guitar legends call “The Master”. “No one in the world plays the guitar better than he.”—Barney Kessel
00151663256 pages/8.5x11 $24.99

Mr Leedy and the House of Wonder

The Story of the World’s Finest Drums
by Harry Cangany
A traveling drummer from 19th-century Ohio, Ulysses Grant Leedy settled in Indianapolis and built the House of Wonder – a factory that set the standard for all drum companies to follow. This book takes readers inside Leedy’s world: his people, his designs, and the growth of his amazing enterprise.
00001197 $24.95

Music Man

1972-1982 The Other Side of the Story
by Frank Green
Music Man was like a brilliant comet of music-driven energy and technical innovation launched by the veteran team of Leo Fender, Forrest White, and Tom Walker the Chief Pilot/Navigator.
Music historians have given these three industry pioneers each their own label. Leo Fender was the front runner and the 'founding father', Forrest White was in the 'right place at the right time', and Tom Walker was the 'genius' in the designs and improvements he master minded for guitar and bass amplification. Music Man was Walker's inspiration!

00001100 $24.95

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