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Hutton's Guide to Martin Guitars: 1833-1969

Forewords by Dick Boak, George Gruhn and Joe Spann
by Greig Hutton
It is now more than 40 years since Mike Longworth published his seminal book on the Martin Guitar Company. It was Mike's book that stirred Greig Hutton's original interest in Martin Guitars and it put him on the path to seeking more information and insights. Martin Guitars: A History became the first of a long list of books that have continuously expanded the information available for the Martin instruments. This book will not just recapitulate previous research; rather, it will build on earlier work while filling in gaps using source documents, as well as collating new information of previous publications, none of this information was incorporated into the book without direct comparison to the source archival documents. Includes 400 photos and forewords by Dick Boak, George Gruhn and Joe Spann.
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