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The Ukulele Goes Ragtime

by Dick Sheridan
Dick Sheridan has compiled essential themes for ten classic rags that sound great on ukulele. These arrangements will work for soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles in both C and low G tunings and for baritone ukes in standard tuning. You'll be able to play along with melodies and accompaniment chords thanks to the great recordings that are accessed online. The book includes a complete score for "The Entertainer" plus themes for: At a Georgia Camp Meeting - The Cascades - Crab Apples - Creole Belles - Dill Pickles - Dusty Rag - The Easy Winners - Maple Leaf Rag - Sensation - Swipesy Cakewalk. This wonderful collection provides nostalgic, elegant, uniquely entertaining and endless fun!
01207891Book/Online Audio $24.99

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