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ASAP Guitarist Guide to String Bending & Vibrato

Learn how to Bend the Correct Way
by Dave Brewster
String bending and vibrato are two of the most popular guitar techniques used in all musical styles, yet for intermediate players, gaining control of them might seem overwhelming. This book outlines some of the most common bending and vibrato techniques and licks, teaching them in an easy-to-digest manner to help you see and hear how to use them with confidence in a musical context. Contains more than 150 helpful examples!
00001347Book/CD Pack $19.99

ASAP Irish Guitar

Learn How to Play the Irish Way
by Doc Rossi
This quick guide to flatpicking Irish traditional music was written by Doc Rossi, a well-known citternist and guitarist in both traditional and early music. He's created this book for intermediate to advanced players who want to improve their technique, develop ideas and learn new repertoire. Starting with the basics of technique and ornamentation in traditional music, Doc then goes directly into the tunes, in standard notation and tab. Focusing on traditional music from Ireland, Doc has also chosen tunes from England, France, Flanders, North America and Corsica to reflect the guitar's broad range. Right- and left-hand techniques, ornamentation, arranging and other topics are taught through the tunes themselves. Doc has developed his own tuning for playing traditional music, and this book shows you how to use it. His tuning makes it easy to play tunes in all the important traditional keys without moving a capo around or having to negotiate difficult position shifts, while at the same time providing a number of open strings and other possibilities for playing your own accompaniment. An audio CD with all of the tunes played at medium tempo is included.
00113683Book/CD Pack $19.99

ASAP Rudimental Drumming

by Bart Robley
In this instructional DVD, Telly Award winner, drummer, teacher & author, Bart Robley, teaches the basic rudiments that are essential for every drummer. Beginning with a solo based on paradiddles, Bart then breaks down the solo into its components. (Rudiment notation is displayed at the bottom of the screen). Next, he demonstrates a paradiddle groove, and then introduces individual rudiments with the assistance of the Bart Robley Drum Club. Once assembled, the rudiments are used in a march titled, "The Red Panthers." Informative, fast-paced and fun - this DVD will set a solid foundation for your drumming career...ASAP!
00001332DVD $19.99

ASAP Trumpet Method

A Beginner's Comprehensive Approach to the Trumpet and Musical Literacy
by Gerald F. Knipfel/Foreword by Charles Conrad
The first trumpet method to introduce jazz! The goal of this method book is to infuse all the elements of a good trumpet foundation at the initial stage so nothing is left to chance. Exercises in developing progress have been introduced at strategic intervals to ensure success so the beginning student will feel a sense of accomplishment. Of course, all music is based on a key signature, and therefore, the practice of all basic scales are addressed throughout. Many duets are introduced, and many familiar songs are also present.
00286661 $14.00

ASAP Two-Hand Tapping

Learn How to Tap the Celentano Way
By Dave Celentano
Dave Celentano teaches many new and innovative ways to use tapping with pentatonic and diatonic scales, sequences and arpeggios. Features great tips and pointers, lessons on soloing over chord changes, and an intense two-hand tapping arrangement of the “toccata” section from J.S. Bach’s famous “Toccata and Fugue” in D minor. All examples are in standard notation and tab on printable PDF file on the DVD. 85 minutes.
00001292DVD $19.99

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