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Pickups, Windings and Magnets

... And the Guitar Became Electric
by Mario Milan
The first book to examine pickups in detail is here! Covers everything from the first experiments to classic models conceived for major guitar manufacturers. Includes a 32-page color section of the most popular models and rarities, a timeline, info on building pickups and technical specs, and biographical notes.
00001026(216 pages, 8-1/2" x 11") $29.95

Practice Personalities for Adults

Identifying and Understanding the Practice Personality Type in The Adult Music Student
by Thornton Cline
Did you know that your personality can affect the way you learn and perform on a musical instrument? This book identifies nine practice personalities in music students. Adults will learn how to practice more effectively and efficiently according to their personalities. A Practice Personalities Text is included along with an accompanying CD.
00131613Book/CD Pack $24.99

Practice Personalities: Whatís Your Type?

Identifying and Understand the Practice Personality Type in the Music Student
by Thornton Cline
Teaching is one of the greatest responsibilities in society. Itís an art form that requires craft, patience, creativity and intelligence. Practice Personalities: Whatís Your Type? Will help teachers, parents and students realize the challenges of practicing, understand the benefits of correct practicing, identify and understand nine practice personality types, and employ useful strategies to effectively motivate and inspire each type of student. The accompanying CD demonstrates effective practice strategies for selected piano, violin and guitar excerpts from the book.
00101974Book/CD Pack $24.99

Profile of a Hit Songwriter

by Lacie Carpenter & Thornton Cline
Nashville's award-winning fiddler, singer-songwriter, author and performer, Lacie Carpenter - and Grammy and Dove-nominated, platinum award-winning songwriter/author, Thornton Cline - have interviewed over 25 hit songwriters, producers, artists, psychologists, pediatricians and songwriting coaches to determine what makes a hit songwriter. This must-have book offers valuable insight into the necessary factors needed to become a hit songwriter. This book is recommended for the beginner as well as the intermediate and advanced songwriter in achieving ultimate success.
00299907 $24.99

Regal Musical Instruments: 1895-1955

by Bob Carlin
Regal Musical Instruments: 1895-1955 is the only book to trace the history of the Chicago musical manufacturer. With its roots in Indianapolis, the Regal familiar to most c ollectors and players was spun off of music giant Lyon & Healy in 1908. Regal Musical Instruments 1895-1955 draws upon period trade magazines, distributor catalogues, as well as the never before published memories of Regal factory employees to paint a complete picture of the companyís history.
00001484 $45.00

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