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Fun Songs for Ukulele

50 terrific songs in standard notation and tablature for beginning to advanced ukulele players. Includes Hawaiian songs, popular standards, classic Western, Stephen Foster and more, with songs such as: The Darktown Strutters Ball, I'm Always Chasing Rainbows, Hot Lips, Gentle Annie, Maikai Waipio, Whispering, Ja-Da, China Boy, Colorado Trail, and many more. Also includes a chord chart and a special section on how to hold the ukulele.
00000407 $14.95

He Was Singin' This Song - Revised and Updated

by Jim Bob Tinsley, Forewords by Gene Autry, Douglas B. Green and Omar Baker
In this book Jim Bob Tinsley shows the cowboys' songs to be an essential metaphor of their lives and times. He follows the image of the cowboy from the ""cow-keeper"" of colonial America, through the Civil War, the war for Texas's independence, the banditry of the Old West. He follows the image along the trail of the cattle drive, fighting Indians and rustlers, and into the saloons and dance halls with the gunfighter and gambler, and arrives finally at the hero we know from films and television.
00001133Softcover Book/CD Pack $35.00
00001132Hardcover Book/CD Pack $50.00

How to Yodel "the Cowboy Way"

by Rudy Robbins & Shirley Field
This book/CD pack by Rudy Robbins, of the official Texan cowboy band Spirit of Texas, and Shirley Field, Canada's champion female yodeler, will teach you how to yodel in no time! Features basic instructions, simple songs, recorded demonstrations, and a special photo gallery & short bios of cowboy and cowgirl yodelers.
00000207Book/CD Pack $19.95

Ranger Doug Rides the Rhythm Range

Swing rhythm never left, but it's getting harder to find someone to teach it! Noted swing rhythm guitarist Ranger Doug of Riders in the Sky takes you step by step through the process of expanding your technique on swing rhythm. Whether you play in a swing band, a cowboy quartet like Riders in the Sky, or gypsy jazz, this DVD offers you an absolutely unique and up-close look at chord forms, patterns, right- and left-hand technique, and insider tips from a swing rhythm master who has been playing this style for over 30 years. In addition, two western classics, "Wah Hoo" and "Tumbling Tumbleweed," are not only broken down and explained in detail, but are performed by 2-time Grammy winners Riders in the Sky in a mini-concert, so that the lessons for those two tunes are exemplified in live performance. Saddle up, saddle pal, and ride the Rhythm Range with Ranger Doug! Includes transcription booklet.
00000387DVD $19.95

Ranger Doug Songs of the Sage

foreword by Texas Bix Bender
Features original western songs from Grammy award winner Ranger Doug Green, the idol of American youth and member of the popular western singing group Riders in the Sky. Includes 25 songs from their many recordings: Blue Montana Skies, Night Riding Song, Here Comes the Santa Fe, That's How the Yodel Was Born, Lonely Yukon Stars, Prairie Serenade, and many more. Features the story behind each song, plus lots of photos.
00000206 $14.95

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