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Beginning to Advanced 4-String Bass

by Brian Emmel
This instructional DVD by noted instructor/author Brian Emmel leaves no stone unturned in explaining all there is to know about 4-string bass basics! Designed for the beginning to advanced player, Brian's step-by-step demonstrations form the foundation for understanding music theory and building bass technique. Topics covered range from common musical terminology, to playing in a garage band, to laying down tracks in a recording studio. 60 minutes.
00000374DVD $19.95

Blues Guitar Legends

by Kenny Sultan
Learn the techniques of blues legends: Lightnin'Hopkins, Blind Blake, Blind Boy Fuller, Mississippi John Hurt, and Big Bill Broonzy as seen through the eyes and hands of Kenny Sultan. Kenny shows how you can interpret the "Legends" without attempting note for note renditions of the original music. No one can sound exactly like these blues legends but Kenny will help you adapt this music to your own playing. An intermediate level DVD, you should already be familiar with the guitar basics.
00001122DVD $19.95

Blues Improvisation – Beyond Pentatonic

Intermediate Level
by Dorian Michael
For acoustic or electric players, this DVD reviews the pentatonic blues scale, then covers modal devices to use for improvisation. Topics covered include the 12-bar blues progression, Mixolydian mode, arpeggios, double stops, diminished scale, bending, Dorian mode, and playing in 3rd and 6ths. Printable, downloadable sheet music included. 60 minutes.
00001211DVD $19.95

Clawhammer Style Banjo

A Complete Guide for Beginning and Advanced Banjo Players
by Ken Perlman
This four-hour, two-DVD set is the companion to Perlman's bestselling book, which is the definitive guide to playing clawhammer banjo, the one purely American style on probably the one truly American instrument. Perlman leads you step by step to a thorough understanding of the style and instrument, basic hand positions, simple chords, and fundamental clawhammer techniques like the brush, bumm-titty strum, pull-offs, slides, and on to more advanced topics on DVD 2.
000003342-DVD Set $39.95

Drum Discipline, Parts 1 & 2

Build Blazing Speed, Power and Control
with Dave “Bedrock” Bedrosian
Master the rudiments and put a razor's edge on your technique with Dave "Bedrock" Bedrosian. He covers how to play and practice 40+ different rudiments; single and double stroke rolls; diddle rudiments; flams and drags; multiple bounce rolls; and more. Printable PDF rudiments sheets are included. Daily practice with this DVD will produce results in 30 days or less! 80 min.
00001456DVD $11.99

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