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Ranger Doug Rides the Rhythm Range

Swing rhythm never left, but it's getting harder to find someone to teach it! Noted swing rhythm guitarist Ranger Doug of Riders in the Sky takes you step by step through the process of expanding your technique on swing rhythm. Whether you play in a swing band, a cowboy quartet like Riders in the Sky, or gypsy jazz, this DVD offers you an absolutely unique and up-close look at chord forms, patterns, right- and left-hand technique, and insider tips from a swing rhythm master who has been playing this style for over 30 years. In addition, two western classics, "Wah Hoo" and "Tumbling Tumbleweed," are not only broken down and explained in detail, but are performed by 2-time Grammy winners Riders in the Sky in a mini-concert, so that the lessons for those two tunes are exemplified in live performance. Saddle up, saddle pal, and ride the Rhythm Range with Ranger Doug! Includes transcription booklet.
00000387DVD $19.95

School of Hard Rocks

A Working Drummers Guide to Real World Drumming: The Video Lessons
by Bart Robley
Bart Robley demonstrates many of the rudiments that form the basis for his stage and studio work. In this "TWO - DVD" set, he takes viewers from the basics, through more advanced exercises, all the way through a complete song - "Old Time Rock 'N' Roll," made famous by Bob Seger. When they are finished, drummers will be ready to rock hard and heavy! Includes downloadable drum tablature plus a Interview of Bart. DVD #1 is 40 min., DVD #2 is 75 min.
000012142-DVD Set $24.95

Secrets of Shred Guitar

by Dave Celentano
From beginning to advanced. Learn all the secrets used in the style of "shred" including sweep picking, alternate picking, string skipping, multi-finger tapping, legato, trills, and tremolo picking. The techniques are broken down and arranged in order of difficulty from easiest to most challenging into a series of exercises and melodic etudes. Booklet included.
00001177DVD $19.95

Slaplicious Bass Licks In 31 Flavors

By Brian l. Emmel
Geared toward the intermediate to advanced player, the grooves on this fun DVD range from basic to very complex but Emmel breaks each groove down into bite-sized pieces so even beginners could enjoy this fun DVD! The main focus of these slap bass licks is to stay away from status quo disco lines. Brian demonstrates various right-hand techniques along with modal and interval concepts. After each demonstration and lick break down, he provides a musical incorporation on top of each baas lick to show how one lick can sound awesome over multiple chord changes! Printable downloadable music of the examples included.
00121592DVD $19.95

The Contemporary Percussionist

by Glen Caruba
This comprehensive DVD covers the congas, bongos, timbales, djembe, and the use of "toys," all in a modern musical setting! Includes a recording studio scene explaining creative overdubs, plus a hot Latin jazz performance. 60 minutes.
00000373DVD $19.95

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