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Dropped D Tuning for Fingerstyle Guitar

by Tom Ball
Nothing makes a guitar ring like a dropped-D. The tuning lends itself well to almost any type of music. This book has 17 pieces in dropped-D tuning, covering a wide array of musical genres. All are played fingerstyle. Contents include: traditional folk songs, Joseph Spence style, blues in D, Irish and Latin songs, classical pieces and more. All songs played on the CD by Tom Ball plus bonus tracks.
00000305Book/CD Pack $19.95

Early Blues, Ancient Ballads and Classic Folk Songs for Fingerstyle Guitar

by Glenn Weiser
This is a collection of twenty-five solo fingerstyle guitar arrangements of famous early blues, centuries-old ballads, and traditional folk songs. All songs include standard notation with fingering indications, tablature, guitar chords, lyrics, and online audio. Songs include: Barbara Allen * Frankie and Johnny * The House of the Rising Sun * John Henry * Loch Lomond * Scarborough Fair * and more.
00323564Book/Online Audio $14.99

Essential Blues Guitar

by Dave Celentano
This handy guide to playing blues guitars emphasizes the essentials, such as: chord changes, scales, rhythms, turn arounds, phrasing, soloing and more. Includes lots of examples, plus 10 rhythm tracks for soloing and improvising.
00000237Book/CD Pack $19.95

Essential Blues Guitar

An Emphasis on the Essentials of Blues
with Dave Celentano
With an emphasis on the essentials of blues, instructor/host Dave Celentano provides clear and valuable insight for playing great blues guitar. This hour-long DVD teaches: the “blues boxes” for soloing; one-chord blues rhythm with lead fills; 12-bar blues chord progressions; turnarounds, intros & endings; major and minor blues soloing; straight and shuffle rhythms; call and respond; and much more. Includes five complete blues solos, five blues backing tracks to rehearse soloing over, and all examples in notes & tab on the printable PDF file. 60 minutes.
00001505DVD $19.99

Fingerstyle Guitar

by Ken Perlman
This DVD is an encouraging "self-tutor" that supplies the advice and knowledge of Ken Perlman's years of teaching experience. He explains simply and step-by-step how to play in a progressive and rewarding way.

If you want to play folk, blues, fiddle tunes or ragtime on guitar, this DVD can help you master the basic musical skills and fingerpicking techniques you need to play these styles. Whether you're a beginning or advanced guitarist, Ken Perlman will help you develop such skills as the alternating bass, pattern picking, hammering-on, pulling-off sliding and much more.

This DVD is best used with Ken's Fingerstyle Guitar book (HL00000081), a definitive reference instruction manual for both students and teachers alike that has become the fingerpicker's bible. Approx. 85 minutes.

00000376DVD $24.95

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