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Killer Pentatonics for Guitar

by Dave Celentano
Covers innovative and diverse ways of playing pentatonic scales in blues, rock and heavy metal. The licks and ideas in this book will give you a fresh approach to playing the pentatonic scale, hopefully inspiring you to reach for higher levels in your playing. The 37-minute companion CD features recorded examples.
00000285Book/CD Pack $17.95

Killer Pentatonics for Guitar

Innovative and Diverse Ways of Playing Pentatonic Scales in Blues, Rock and Heavy Metal.
with Dave Celentano
Guitar Instructor/host Dave Celentano teaches innovative and diverse ways of playing the pentatonic scale in rock and heavy metal. He covers: the five position patterns for the pentatonic scale; sequences string bending, connecting the scale patterns, string skipping, two-hand tapping pentatonics, a complete pentatonic solo played over backing tracks; and rhythm backing tracks for the student to rehearse soloing over. All examples are notated in tablature and included on the DVD as a printable PDF file. 60 minutes.
00001506DVD $19.99

Melodic Lines for the Intermediate Guitarist

by Greg Cooper
This book/CD pack is essential for anyone interested in expanding melodic concepts on the guitar. Author Greg Cooper covers: picking exercises; major, minor, dominant and altered lines; blues and jazz turn-arounds; and more.
00000312Book/CD Pack $19.95

More Dobro

A Lesson in Lap-Style Dobro Playing
by Doug Cox
Take a private lesson with Doug Cox! There's no better way to start from scratch on this expressive instrument than with this master instructor. Teaches notes and major chords; common I, IV, V chord progressions in all keys; chucking (back-up playing); tone and damping tips; and easy versions of the songs: The Water Is Wide, Worried Man Blues, St. Anne's Reel. Includes a transcription booklet. 60 minutes.
00000328DVD $19.95

Open Guitar Tunings

Updated Edition
by Ron Middlebrook
Can't figure out what tuning your favorite band or artist used, then this book is for you. This bestseller has now been expanded to include over 220 artist with over 435 songs - the most comprehensive artist and tunings list ever compiled!  plus the only book to illustrate more than 75 different tunings in easy-to-read diagrams. Includes tunings used by artist such as Chet Atkins, Michael Hedges, Jimmy Page, Joe Satriani and many others - for rock, blues bluegrass, folk and country styles.
00000130 $9.99

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