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Open Tunings for Guitar

by Dorian Michael
This book provides 14 folk songs in 9 tunings to help guitarists become comfortable with changing tunings. Songs are ordered so that changing from one tuning to another is logical and non-intrusive. Includes: Fisher Blues (DADGBE), Fine Toast to Hewlett (DGDGBE), George Barbazan (DGDGBD), Amelia (DGDGCD), Will the Circle Be Unbroken (DADF#AD), more.
00000224Book/CD Pack $19.95

Power Rhythm Guitar

by Ron Middlebrook with Dave Celentano
This book/CD pack features 31 lessons for rhythm guitar that you can play by yourself, in a band, or as a back-up musician. Includes full band examples in many musical styles, including basic rock, country, hard rock, heavy metal, reggae, blues, funk, and more.
00000113Book/CD Pack $19.95

Purrfect 4-String Bass Method

by Brian Emmel
This book will teach students how to sight read and to acquire a musical vocabulary. Includes progressive exercises on rhythm notation, 1st to 4th string studies, enharmonic studies, chords and arpeggios, blues progressions, and chord charts.
00000201 $9.95

Sourcebook of Little Walter/Big Walter Licks for Blues Harmonica

by Tom Ball
This essential collection for blues harp players sets out to discuss, understand and demystify some of the playing of the phenomenal Walters: the legendary "Big Walter" Horton and "Little Walter" Jacobs. Includes a sampling of the best licks from each artist's repertoire, mapped out in easy-to-read harmonica tablature and played on CD, plus extensive notes on each musician's style, bios and discographies, harmonica basics, notes on amplification and equipment, and much more!
00000276Book/CD Pack $22.95

Taylor Made

Todd Taylor’s Most Requested Banjo Hits
by Todd Taylor
10 songs from the world’s fastest banjo player featuring Todd’s well-known and requested originals are included in this instrumental songbook: Back Home in Carolina - Banjo Blues - Six Guns - The Race is On - Waterfall - Cork Swamp Blues - and more. Online access to audio tracks of the songs in the book is provided.
00242594Book/Online Audio $22.99

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