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by Deborah Greenblatt
By Deborah Greenblatt, the past Nebraska State and Mid-America fiddle champion. Contains many tunes, from hoedowns to waltzes, of all levels of difficulty. Tips on how to buy and take care of a fiddle; performing in fiddle contests; what to do and what to play; backup techniques; and much more.
00000052 $7.95

Fiddling Thru the Years

by Bryon Berline
A fascinating journey through Byron Berline's award-winning fiddling career, this book/CD pack takes you from his early years through the present. Berline covers basic beginning fiddle tunes, contest playing, bluegrass and other styles, thoughts of other fiddlers and musicians, and much more. The accompanying CD features songs demonstrated by Byron himself.
00000315Book/CD Pack $19.95

Fingerpicking Fiddle Tunes

Arranged for Fingerstyle Guitar
by Ken Perlman
With this book/CD pack, Ken Perlman presents a systematic approach to playing classic fiddle tunes fingerstyle on the guitar. Learn hoedowns, reels, set tunes, marches, hornpipes, jigs, strathspeys and airs from a pioneer of the style!
00000294Book/CD Pack $19.95

Fingerstyle Guitar

by Ken Perlman
Teaches beginning or advanced guitarists how to master the basic musical skills of fingerpicking techniques needed to play folk, blues, fiddle tunes or ragtime on guitar.
00000081Book Only $24.95
00000376DVD $24.95

Flying Fingers

by Dave Celentano
This book/CD pack offers clear demos of techniques proven to increase speed, precision and dexterity. 32 examples cover arpeggios, different picking techniques, melodic sequences, and more. The CD demonstrates each technique at three speeds: slow, medium and fast.
00000103Book/CD Pack $15.95

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