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ASAP Ukulele

Learn How to Play the Ukulele Way
by Ron Middlebrook
This easy new method will teach you the ukulele ASAP! Each exercise in the book has been designed to teach you the most popular key chord combinations and patterns that you'll see in hundreds of songs. The tunes taught here include: Auld Lang Syne - My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean - Oh! Susanna - Peg of My Heart - Red River Valley - Tiger Rag - and many more. You can strum the chords for each, or play the easy-to-follow melody.
00001359 $14.99

Backup Dobro

Exploring the Fretboard
by Doug Cox
In this book you'll learn creative, fun techniques and ideas on playing backup. Playing backup means responding in a sensitive manner to singers and other musicians. So let's take a serious look at what to do when you're not soloing. The question is: to play or not to play?
00000345Book/CD Pack $19.95

Bass Guitar Chords

by Ron Middlebrook
84 of the most popular chords for bass guitar. Covers: finger placement, note construction, chromatic charts, and the most commonly used bass scales. Also has a helpful explanation of the common 2-5-1 progression, and the chords in all keys.
00000073 $2.95

Bebop Guitar

Basic Theory and Practice for Jazz Guitar in the Style of Charlie Parker
by Joseph Weidlich
This book/CD pack shows guitarists how to transform basic jazz improv techniques into bebop figures in Bird’s famous “with strings” style by making chromatic and rhythmic alterations. Includes many musical examples, most in the user-friendly key of G major, to accommodate players not well versed in jazz flat keys.
00001196Book/CD Pack $25.95

Beyond “The Secret Hand”

A Comprehensive Guide for Hand Drummers
by Héctor “Poncho” Neciosup & José Rosa, Foreword by Glen Caruba
In Spanish & English
This book/CD pack is designed for the hand drummer that is eager to step up to the next level in performance. You will develop a good sound by incorporating strengthening exercises coupled with various techniques to develop strength, speed, independence, and control. Practical exercises for coordination and independence are included to help you increase your level of performance. The CD includes a performance track by Poncho and José.

00001175Book/CD Pack $19.95

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