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Dobro Classics Plus - 2nd Edition

20 Classic and Original Tunes
by Steve Toth
Now with CD! A collection of 20 classic Dobro tunes likely to come up in jam sessions, incorporating the sounds and styles developed by the masters. Focuses primarily on up-tempo tunes, with 5 of Steve Toth's original instrumentals. Includes: Bill Cheatham, Blackberry Blossom, Gold Rush, Greensleeves, Katy Hill, Red Haired Boy, Sally Ann, Sally Goodin, Salt Creek, Sometimes Alone, Southwind, and more. Includes an explanation of tablature.
00000187Book/CD Pack $19.95

Dobro Roots

A Photo Tour of Prewar Wood Body Dobros
By Steve Toth
Foreword by Jerry Douglas John Dopyera invented it in California in the late 1920s and along with his brothers Rudy, Emil, Robert and Louis, they formed the Dobro Corporation Ltd. This first and only book of it’s kind will show a wide variety of Dobro Guitars produced during the years 1929 through approximately 1941. With actual examples of most of the models. The various models are shown in an ordered sequence as they were made, coordinated with the catalog, advertisement and brochure information that is still available for each model shown. In “Dobro Roots” we have set out with hundreds of photographs to document an extensive sampling of the wood body Dobro guitars produced during the prewar period. “Dobro Roots” will be both an historical and entertaining resource and reference book for those interested in Dobro and resonator guitars. Chapters include: Background, California 5 Series, California 6 Series, Cyclops Series, Regal First Series, California 7 Series, Teardrop Series, Regal Final Series. Plus an added CD bonus of Steve Toth playing 15 tunes on 15 different prewar wood body Dobros that you will find interesting, informative and enjoyable. "This is the Dobro wish book..."Jerry Douglas
00125507Hard Cover/CD, 216 pgs, Full Color $55.00

Dobro Techniques for Bluegrass & Country Music

by Stephen Toth
This is the ultimate resource guide for any Dobro owner, collector or fan. It begins with the history of this unique guitar and then moves into teaching the techniques used in playing it. The entire book is illustrated with photos of popular players. A prior knowledge of music is not required since the book presents, in detail, the complete essentials for playing the Dobro. Tablature is used throughout and the CD features helpful accompaniments. Using the techniques taught here, almost any song can be played Dobro-style!
00000260Book/CD Pack $19.95

Dropped D Tuning for Fingerstyle Guitar

by Tom Ball
Nothing makes a guitar ring like a dropped-D. The tuning lends itself well to almost any type of music. This book has 17 pieces in dropped-D tuning, covering a wide array of musical genres. All are played fingerstyle. Contents include: traditional folk songs, Joseph Spence style, blues in D, Irish and Latin songs, classical pieces and more. All songs played on the CD by Tom Ball plus bonus tracks.
00000305Book/CD Pack $19.95

Drum Discipline, Parts 1 & 2

Build Blazing Speed, Power and Control
with Dave “Bedrock” Bedrosian
Master the rudiments and put a razor's edge on your technique with Dave "Bedrock" Bedrosian. He covers how to play and practice 40+ different rudiments; single and double stroke rolls; diddle rudiments; flams and drags; multiple bounce rolls; and more. Printable PDF rudiments sheets are included. Daily practice with this DVD will produce results in 30 days or less! 80 min.
00001456DVD $11.99

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