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Profile of a Hit Songwriter

by Lacie Carpenter & Thornton Cline
Nashville's award-winning fiddler, singer-songwriter, author and performer, Lacie Carpenter - and Grammy and Dove-nominated, platinum award-winning songwriter/author, Thornton Cline - have interviewed over 25 hit songwriters, producers, artists, psychologists, pediatricians and songwriting coaches to determine what makes a hit songwriter. This must-have book offers valuable insight into the necessary factors needed to become a hit songwriter. This book is recommended for the beginner as well as the intermediate and advanced songwriter in achieving ultimate success.
00299907 $24.99

Progressive Pieces for Clawhammer Banjo

by Joseph Weidlich
After the Civil War, the "up picking" finger style of playing the 5-string banjo came into vogue. The original down picking style didn't entirely die out because new methods for the banjo often included a number of songs in the older two-finger banjo style., Perhaps the most intricate set of songs to appear in the "original" banjo style were these 34 progressive pieces found in Frank B. Converse's Analytical Banjo Method from 1887. Those songs, presented in this for clawhammer banjo, offer a nice mix of banjo characteristic pieces, medleys and new compositions.
00239507 $19.99

Purrfect 4-String Bass Method

by Brian Emmel
This book will teach students how to sight read and to acquire a musical vocabulary. Includes progressive exercises on rhythm notation, 1st to 4th string studies, enharmonic studies, chords and arpeggios, blues progressions, and chord charts.
00000201 $9.95

Ranger Doug Rides the Rhythm Range

Swing rhythm never left, but it's getting harder to find someone to teach it! Noted swing rhythm guitarist Ranger Doug of Riders in the Sky takes you step by step through the process of expanding your technique on swing rhythm. Whether you play in a swing band, a cowboy quartet like Riders in the Sky, or gypsy jazz, this DVD offers you an absolutely unique and up-close look at chord forms, patterns, right- and left-hand technique, and insider tips from a swing rhythm master who has been playing this style for over 30 years. In addition, two western classics, "Wah Hoo" and "Tumbling Tumbleweed," are not only broken down and explained in detail, but are performed by 2-time Grammy winners Riders in the Sky in a mini-concert, so that the lessons for those two tunes are exemplified in live performance. Saddle up, saddle pal, and ride the Rhythm Range with Ranger Doug! Includes transcription booklet.
00000387DVD $19.95

Ranger Doug Songs of the Sage

foreword by Texas Bix Bender
Features original western songs from Grammy award winner Ranger Doug Green, the idol of American youth and member of the popular western singing group Riders in the Sky. Includes 25 songs from their many recordings: Blue Montana Skies, Night Riding Song, Here Comes the Santa Fe, That's How the Yodel Was Born, Lonely Yukon Stars, Prairie Serenade, and many more. Features the story behind each song, plus lots of photos.
00000206 $14.95

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