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The Classic Douglas Dillard Songbook of 5-String Banjo Tablatures

This long-awaited songbook contains exact transcriptions in banjo tablature that capture the unique playing style of Douglas Dillard. This fantastic collection includes all of his best-loved tunes, from "The Andy Griffith Show" to his solo banjo albums and his releases with The Doug Dillard Band. Features more than 20 tunes in G tuning, C tuning amd G modal tuning, including classics such as: Cripple Creek, Hickory Hollow, Jamboree, John Henry, Old Joe Clark, Buckin' Mule, and more. A must-have for all banjo players!
00000286 $19.95

The Classic John Klemmer Songbook

A true music innovator, composer and saxophonist, John Klemmer is credited with paving the way for the smooth jazz and new age genres. This unique book/CD pack contains Klemmer's actual recorded tunes from his hit MCA records Touch and Barefoot Ballet. Following the recorded versions are complete rhythm tracks for soloing and improvising. Songs include: Body Pulse, Crystal Fingers, Forest Child, Free Fall Lover, Glass Dolphins, Poem Painter, Rain Dancer, Sleeping Eyes, Talking Hands, Waterwheels, and more, in both concert key for all instruments, and in Bb for saxophone. Includes spoken introductions by Klemmer, a biography, and a foreward by Rheuben Allen, owner of LA'a famous Sax Shop.
00000280Book/CD Pack $22.95

The Complete Book of chords, Scales, Arpeggios for the Guitarist

by Al Politano
Every chord, scale and arpeggio is plotted out in every practical position and, with some dedicated study, one could play all of them in every position and in all keys. Written with just a minimum amount of text. Use this book for improvisation, studying or playing exercises. This is the best, most complete reference book you can buy.
00000021 $8.95

The Complete Guide to the Gibson Mandolins

Foreword by Walter Carter
by Paul Fox
A definitive source for information about the company that defined the modern mandolin. From the very beginning when Orville H. Gibson built the first carve–top instruments in the 19th Century to the instruments still being made by Gibson today, this book is a complete guide to the vast array of instruments the company produced in the mandolin family, including historical documentation, images, illustrations, detailed descriptions, photos and rare examples of existing instruments for sources around the world. This book also reveals some of the secrets behind many of the proprietary construction techniques bused by Gibson throughout the decades.
002023488.5x11/248 pages $45.00

The Complete History of the Leedy Drum Company

by Rob Cook
This is the fascinating story of professional drummer, inventor, and industrialist Ulysses Leedy and his apartment-based drum company that became the world's largest manufacturer of percussion equipment.
00000160(182 pages) $35.00

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