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Love Songs for Ukulele

37 Love Songs in All
by Dick Sheridan
Romance is in the air, and here to prove it are 37 of the best and most enduring love songs ever! Here are romantic treasures from the musical theater; whimsical novelty numbers; ballads of both true and false love; songs for sweethearts, lovers and hopefuls; sad songs of longing and heartbreak; and barbershop favorites. The creative ukulele arrangements in notes, tab & chords make each song rewarding and fun to play. Includes: Beautiful Dreamer Careless Love I Love You Truly Let Me Call You Sweetheart My Gal Sal Avalon Frankie and Johnny Secrets Margie Oh By Jingo! I Want a Girl Ida Moonlight Bay and many more. Arranged in standard C tuning for soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles, with tunes readily adaptable to baritone ukulele, tenor guitars, and guitar-tuned banjos.
00119342Softcover $12.99

Make Your Harmonica Work Better

by Douglas Tate
There is a vast amount of knowledge throughout the world about how to make the harmonica sound better and play better, but little of it is written down. This fully illustrated book solves the problem. It contains sections on: how to buy a harmonica, common problems, advice about tools and techniques for using them, the basic parts of the chromatic harmonica, solutions to improve sound and functionality, experimenting on old harmonicas, tuning, and much more. For chromatic players, but diatonic players will learn just as much.
00000238 $9.95

Making an Archtop Guitar

by Robert Benedetto
The definitive work on the design and construction of an acoustic archtop guitar by one of the most talented luthiers of the twentieth century. Benedetto shows all aspects of construction, even through marketing your finished work. Includes a list of suppliers; a list of serial numbers for Benedetto guitars; full-color plates; photos from the author's personal scrapbook; and fold-out templates.
00000174(260 pages) $39.95

Making an Archtop Guitar - 2nd Edition

by Bob Benedetto
The definitive work on the design and construction of an acoustic archtop guitar. This updated second edition features 288 pages of content, including 24 color pages and 4 tear-outs. "I know of no other work offering comprehensive step by step coverage of the making of an acoustic jazz guitar." - George Gruhn
00260960 $49.99

Mandolin Chords Plus

by Ron Middlebrook
Features chords, scales, tunings, hot licks and songs. Shows over 300 chord fingerings, 18 hot licks used for intros, endings and turnarounds, how to read tablature, several scales and 2 songs.
00000040 $3.50

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