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ASAP Classical Guitar

Learn How to Play the Classical Way
by James Douglas Esmond
Teacher-friendly or for self-study, this book/CD pack for beginning to intermediate guitarists features classical pieces and exercises presented progressively in notes and tab, with each explained thoroughly and performed on the accompanying CD. A great way to learn to play ASAP!
00001202Book / CD Pack $15.95

ASAP Classical Guitar Duets

by James Douglas Esmond
Concentrating on the melody or harmony of a piece is a great exercise for when you have to do both. For this book, author James Douglas Esmond has chosen a dozen pieces out of the classical domain, which are not found in the standard guitar repertoire. The pieces in this book start off fairly easy and progress to more challenging ones for intermediate guitarists. One guitar is great, but two is twice as nice – and working with other musicians is great fun. So get together with another guitarist and have a wonderful time discovering these guitar duet pieces! The accompanying CD features 24 tracks.
00103849Book/CD Pack $19.99

ASAP Drum Set Up

Learn drum set up the right way
By Bart Robley
So you want to be a drummer? You have that pounding in your heart, that rhythm in your head, and maybe even a new drum kit in your bedroom, garage or your ready to buy one... and just don’t know where to begin? Well, you’ve come to the right place!
00001293 $10.99

ASAP Fiddle Tunes Made Easy for Bluegrass Banjo

Learn How To Play The Bluegrass Way
by Eddie Collins
This book/CD pack provides beginning and intermediate banjo players with two versions of 18 of the most popular fiddle tunes heard at bluegrass jam sessions. The “basic” solos generally begin on the first beat, contain lots of quarter notes, and use only simple rolls. The "intermediate" solos use more 8th notes and complex roles, and require more difficult formations of the left hand. Tunes include: Arkansas Traveler - Old Joe Clark - Red Wing - Salt Creek - Soldier’s Joy - and more!
00001459Book/CD Pack $19.99

ASAP Guitarist Guide to String Bending & Vibrato

Learn how to Bend the Correct Way
by Dave Brewster
String bending and vibrato are two of the most popular guitar techniques used in all musical styles, yet for intermediate players, gaining control of them might seem overwhelming. This book outlines some of the most common bending and vibrato techniques and licks, teaching them in an easy-to-digest manner to help you see and hear how to use them with confidence in a musical context. Contains more than 150 helpful examples!
00001347Book/CD Pack $19.99

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