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Guitar Chords Plus

by Ron Middlebrook
A comprehensive study of normal and extended chords, tuning, keys, transposing, capo use, and more. Includes over 500 helpful photos and diagrams, a key to guitar symbols, and a glossary of guitar terms.
00000011 $11.95

Guitar Harmony for The Rock Guitarist

by Dave Brewster
Reveal the mysteries surrounding harmony guitar parts, and the interesting harmonized sounds that are waiting for you to explore. In this book you’ll learn the construction and application of intervals, general rules of harmony, and various harmonization techniques, featuring countless examples and harmonized approaches. The online audio that accompanies this book features every example (77), and will help you hear the various and different approaches for harmonizing multiple guitar parts.
00233915Book/Online Audio $19.99

Guitar Transcribing - A Complete Guide

by Dave Celentano
Learn that solo now! Don't wait for the music to come out Ð use this complete guide to writing down what you hear. Includes tips, advice, examples and exercises from easy to difficult. Your ear is the top priority, and you'll train it to listen more effectively to recognize intervals, chords, note values, counting rhythms and much more for an accurate transcription.
00000378Book/CD Pack $19.95

Guitar Tuning for the Complete Musical Idiot

The Complete Book on Tuning, Strings, and Intonation
by Ron Middlebrook
There’s nothing more distracting than hearing a musician play out of tune. This user-friendly book/DVD pack teaches various methods for tuning guitars – even 12 strings! -and basses, including a section on using electronic tuning devices. Also covers intonation, picks, changing strings, and much more!
00000002Book/DVD Pack $16.95
00001198DVD $9.95

Hip-hop Grooves for Bass

by Max Palermo
From the irresistible party jams of South Bronx to the urban sounds of today, hip-hop has maintained close links with its roots. Many of its characteristic sounds and beats come from funk, soul, and R&B origins. The electric bass plays a key role in creating the groovin’ that gives hip-hop a unique, attractive feel. This book/CD set contains 90 authentic hip-hop licks that will lead you to the vibrant world of hip-hop style. All the bass lines are demonstrated on the CD’s full-performance tracks and transcribed in standard notation and tablature. Jamming along with these patterns, you will improve your technique while you learn how to lay down the right groove. Just listen to the tracks and concentrate on playing with a good-time feel. Enjoy!
00001174 $14.95

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