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Rock & Roll Saxophone

by John Laughter
A study of the basic techniques and sound effects used in rock & roll solo performance, including photos and biographies of players from 1955 to the 1990s. The CD features guest performances by Myanna, Jenny Hill, and the Burning Brass. Techniques covered include the growl, flutter tone, altissimo register, reed squel, double tone, slap tongue, note bending and sliding, trill, special effects and more.
00000277Book/CD Pack $17.95

Rock Around the Classics

by Dave Celentano
This book/CD pack introduces guitarists of all levels to fresh and innovative ways of playing some of the most popular classical songs. The songs are in order from easiest to most challenging, and a lesson is included on each. Includes: Leyenda, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, Prelude in C# Major, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, Canon in D Major, more.
00000205Book/CD Pack $19.95

Rock Rhythm Guitar

by Dave Celentano
This helpful book/CD pack cuts out all the confusing technical talk and just gives guitarists the essential tools to get them playing. With Celentano's tips, anyone can build a solid foundation of basic skills to play almost any rhythm guitar style. The exercises and examples are on the CD, in order of difficulty, so players can master new techniques, then move on to more challenging material.
00000274Book/CD Pack $17.95

Rockin’ Poppin’ Snare Drum, Vol. 1

Rhythm Fundamentals
by Bart Robley
The first in a series of three snare drum instructional books from Telly Award-Winner Bart Robley, this book is perfect for beginners of any age. The fundamentals of reading rhythm are important to the success of playing any instrument, especially the snare! In this book you will learn to read everything from quarter-note sticking patterns all the way to rebounded sixteenth notes, and then it’s on to rudimental drum rolls. A CD is included so you can listen while you practice, eliminating any guess work. The 40 essential drum rudiments are also included in the front of the book. A must for all drummers! Watch for a companion DVD coming soon!
00001562Book/CD Pack $19.99

Round Peak Clawhammer Banjo

Traditional Appalachian Fiddle Tunes from Surry County, NC
by Joseph Weidlich
Hailing from Surry County, North Carolina, the Round Peak musical style is synonymous with the old time music pairing of the fiddle with the African derived banjo and was considered to be the defining ensemble sound for community dance. Includes a lengthy instructional introduction. Songs are presented in banjo tab.
00575773 $19.99

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