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Low G Tuning for Ukulele

by Dick Sheridan
This alternate approach to ukulele tuning requires only the simple change of just one string and offers an expanded instrumental range and deeper resonant tone color as a result. It includes a carefully selected collection of 30 popular songs arranged to show the scope of low G tuning. Also featured is an introductory text with interesting tips, comments and insights, plus songs presented in both standard notation and tablature with chord names, diagrams and lyrics. Suitable for concert and tenor ukuleles in traditional standard tunings.
00362325Book/Online Audio $15.99

Make Your Harmonica Work Better

by Douglas Tate
There is a vast amount of knowledge throughout the world about how to make the harmonica sound better and play better, but little of it is written down. This fully illustrated book solves the problem. It contains sections on: how to buy a harmonica, common problems, advice about tools and techniques for using them, the basic parts of the chromatic harmonica, solutions to improve sound and functionality, experimenting on old harmonicas, tuning, and much more. For chromatic players, but diatonic players will learn just as much.
00000238 $9.95

Mandolin Chords Plus

by Ron Middlebrook
Features chords, scales, tunings, hot licks and songs. Shows over 300 chord fingerings, 18 hot licks used for intros, endings and turnarounds, how to read tablature, several scales and 2 songs.
00000040 $3.50

Melodic Clawhammer Banjo

A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Clawhammer Banjo
by Ken Perlman
Ken Perlman, today's foremost player of the style, brings you this comprehensive guide to the melodic clawhammer. Over 50 tunes in clear tablature. Learn to play authentic versions of Appalachian fiddle tunes, string band tunes, New England hornpipes, Irish jigs, Scottish reels, and more. Includes arrangements by many important contemporary players, and chapters on basic and advanced techniques. Also features over 70 musical illustrations, plus historical notes, and period photos.
00000412Book/CD Pack $19.95

Melodic Lines for the Intermediate Guitarist

by Greg Cooper
This book/CD pack is essential for anyone interested in expanding melodic concepts on the guitar. Author Greg Cooper covers: picking exercises; major, minor, dominant and altered lines; blues and jazz turn-arounds; and more.
00000312Book/CD Pack $19.95

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