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Power Rhythm Guitar

by Ron Middlebrook with Dave Celentano
This book/CD pack features 31 lessons for rhythm guitar that you can play by yourself, in a band, or as a back-up musician. Includes full band examples in many musical styles, including basic rock, country, hard rock, heavy metal, reggae, blues, funk, and more.
00000113Book/CD Pack $19.95

Progressive Pieces for Clawhammer Banjo

by Joseph Weidlich
After the Civil War, the "up picking" finger style of playing the 5-string banjo came into vogue. The original down picking style didn't entirely die out because new methods for the banjo often included a number of songs in the older two-finger banjo style., Perhaps the most intricate set of songs to appear in the "original" banjo style were these 34 progressive pieces found in Frank B. Converse's Analytical Banjo Method from 1887. Those songs, presented in this for clawhammer banjo, offer a nice mix of banjo characteristic pieces, medleys and new compositions.
00239507 $19.99

Purrfect 4-String Bass Method

by Brian Emmel
This book will teach students how to sight read and to acquire a musical vocabulary. Includes progressive exercises on rhythm notation, 1st to 4th string studies, enharmonic studies, chords and arpeggios, blues progressions, and chord charts.
00000201 $9.95

Ragtime Mandolin

A collection of Cakewalks, Rags, Slow Drags, and Foxtrots from the Gilded Age
by Joseph Weidlich
The popularity of the mandolin in the United States between 1885-1915 led to the formation of many regional mandolin orchestras and mandolin clubs across the country, particularly in the urban areas of Northeast and Midwest, but also as far west as San Francisco and as far south as New Orleans, e.g. the Tulane University Mandolin Club. So, tune up your mandolin and enjoy playing the music that would have been heard in the neighborhood dance halls and feel like you're back in the Gilded age! Each song in this collection is arranged for mandolin in staff and mandolin tablature with chord symbols.
01182571 $24.99

Rhythm Guitar the Ranger Doug Way

with Suze Spencer Marshall
Laying down that solid groove for the rest of the band is a joy! In this book, 26 tunes are transcribed in varying levels of difficulty: a basic rhythm approach for the newcomers, then more adventurous and different approaches. Songs are included from styles spanning western swing, fiddle tunes, ballads, jazz standards and a polka. Playing tips are included for each song, plus you'll learn rhythm history, guitar theory, the right hand, a basic chord chart, and more.
00000424 $19.95

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