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Tango Solos for Saxophone

by Jorge Polanuer
Argentinian author, sax player, composer and teacher Jorge Polanuer says in the intro to this book, "Tango is not for the spineless." So, if you're feeling brave and ready to unleash the emotion of this passionate music, get your sax and play along with the 12 great tunes in this book! The CD features full recordings of Jorge and his saxophone quartet "Cuatro Vientos," plus accompaniment-only tracks. For tenor and alto players.
00000275Book/CD Pack $17.95

Target Tones

by David Brewster
This breakthrough guide for guitarists will unlock some of the mystery behind playing over chords and progressions. Working through this material and these concepts will help any guitarist learn how to play the right notes, at the right time – all the time. Each chapter centers around a different chord type and progression and includes various soloing concepts, phrasing options, and melodic approaches to playing over chords in both major and minor keys. This includes playing over major and minor chords and eventually moves into 7th chords and their extensions. Includes access to musical audio examples online.
00233322Book/Online Audio $19.99

Taylor Made

Todd Taylor’s Most Requested Banjo Hits
by Todd Taylor
10 songs from the world’s fastest banjo player featuring Todd’s well-known and requested originals are included in this instrumental songbook: Back Home in Carolina - Banjo Blues - Six Guns - The Race is On - Waterfall - Cork Swamp Blues - and more. Online access to audio tracks of the songs in the book is provided.
00242594Book/Online Audio $22.99

The Art of Latin Drumming

A New Approach to Learn Traditional Afro-Cuban and Latin American Rhythms on Drums
by Jose Rosa and Hector “Pocho” Neciosup
This bilingual book presents a new systematic approach to playing Latin American rhythms. It’ll help you develop your coordination and independence, and play superimposed rhythms. Designed for drummers who are eager to take their playing to the next level, the book is divided into 16-week lessons – making it perfect for use as a semester course for high school or college. Loaded with practical exercises, plus two CDs packed with patterns and play-alongs – 144 tracks in all!
00001579Book/2-CD Pack $26.99

The Banjo Music of Tony Ellis

One of Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys in the 1960s, Tony Ellis is among the most renowned banjo players around. This superb book assembles songs from four highly acclaimed CDs Đ Dixie Banner, Farewell My Home, Quaker Girl and Sounds like Bluegrass to Me Đ capturing his unique two- and three-finger playing techniques in the bluegrass style in standard notation and tab.
00000326 $19.95

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