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Bluegrass Harmonica

by Mike Stevens
Extraordinary harpist Mike Stevens teaches all the techniques, tips and inside information you need to know to play bluegrass harmonica. He covers: holding the harp, lip pursing, tongue blocking, draw bending, vibrato, attacking the notes, wind chops, and a lot more. The CD features practice tunes for beginning, intermediate and advanced players, including two versions of some of the intermediate and advanced tunes: one at standard tempo, and one slowed down for easier learning.
00000220Book/CD Pack $19.95

Blues Dobro

by Doug Cox
Renowned Dobro instructor Doug Cox presents proven jamming techniques for the lap-style resophonic guitar in blues, bluegrass, rock and roll, country and jazz music styles. The CD includes examples of all music taught within the book.
00000236Book/CD Pack $19.95

Blues Grooves

Traditional Concepts for Playing 4 & 5 String Blues Bass
by Brian Emmel
This book/CD pack has been designed to educate bass enthusiasts about the development of different styles and traditions throughout the history of the blues, from the 1920s to the early 1970s. Players will learn blues scales, rhythm variations, turnarounds, endings and grooves, and styles such as Chicago blues, jazz, Texas blues, rockabilly, R&B and more. The CD includes 36 helpful example tracks.
00000269Book/CD Pack $17.95

Blues Guitar

by Kenny Sultan
Through instructional text and actual songs, the author covers blues in five different keys and positions. Covers fingerstyle blues, specific techniques, open tuning, and bottleneck guitar. The CD includes all songs and examples, most played at slow speed and at regular tempo.
00000283Book/CD Pack $17.95

Blues Guitar Legends

by Kenny Sultan
This book/CD pack allows you to explore the styles of Lightnin' Hopkins, Blind Blake, Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Boy Fuller, and Big Bill Broonzy. Through Sultan's arrangements, you will learn how studying the masters can help you develop your own style.
00000181Book/CD Pack $19.95
00001122DVD $19.95

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