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Hot Spicy Trumpet Solos with a Spanish Flair

by Gerald F. Knipfel
This book of exciting original trumpet solos has a Spanish flair that will entice young students to want to perform. The melodies will make practicing more fun while at the same time introducing various time signatures, musical styles, and fingering techniques. All solos were named for and influenced by trumpet great Rafael Mendez, who was the composer’s inspiration. Included with the solos are piano and guitar accompaniments making them perfect for state solo contests as well as general performances. They are designed for intermediate level players.
00329680Book/Online Audio $19.99

Improv for Violinists

by John Henry Gates
In this book, author John Henry Gates aims to help violinists increase their versatility and improvisation skills. Song forms, harmonic structure, and the Nashville number system are explained in a practical, applicable manner. Ways to gain experience and the best ways to amplify your instrument are also covered. The CD includes demonstrations of various styles in several keys along with minus one versions of the same tracks for practicing. Each track is unique, yet simple and straightforward, the obective being to give the player experience with a real rhythm section to gain the confidence to improvise.
00000278Book/CD Pack $19.95

Introduction to Roots Guitar

by Doug Cox
This book/CD pack by Canada's premier guitar and Dobro¨ player introduces beginning to intermediate players to many of the basics of folk/roots guitar. Topics covered include: basic theory, tuning, reading tablature, right- and left-hand patterns, blues rhythms, Travis picking, frailing patterns, flatpicking, open tunings, slide and many more. CD includes 40 demonstration tracks.
00000262Book/CD Pack $17.95
00000404DVD $19.95

Irish and American Fiddle Tunes for Harmonica

by Glenn Weiser
A complete guide to playing fiddle tunes! Covers: tips on hand positions; playing instructions and techniques; rhythmic patterns for the reel, jig, hornpipe and waltz; and more. Features over 100 songs, along with a CD that demonstrates several of the tunes. Ability to read music is not necessary.
00000232Book/CD Pack $19.95

It's About Time

A Step-by-Step Guide for Understanding Basic Rhythms
by Ron Middlebrook with Dick Sheridan
Designed for band, choir, orchestras or private study this book teaches how to read basic rhythms from the printed page. This practical, daily step-by-step guide is suitable for all instruments, and levels of musical abilities. It clearly explains: beats, time signatures and tempo; note shapes and their time values; and ties, rests and dots. Other topics covered include musical tips and terms; sight reading; practice exercises in 2/2, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, and 6/8 time; sample songs in different keys, meters and tempo.
00285987 $14.99

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