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Parlors, Porches & Islands

A Personal Collection of Fingerstyle Guitar Music
by Doc Rossi
This collection of Fingerstyle guitar pieces is a voyage for 18th century country dance tunes to 19th century parlor or domestic guitar music, to music that found its way to traditional rural players in the U.S. to slack key players in Hawaii, and from there to Doc Rossi's own music. Along the way, you'll explore some of the most important contemporary guitar tunings.
00363751Book/Online Audio $19.99

Pedal Steel Licks for Guitar

by Forest Rodgers
Learn to play 30 popular pedal steel licks on the guitar. All examples are played three times on the accompanying CD. Also features tips for the best steel guitar sound reproduction, and steel guitar voiced chords.
00000183Book/CD Pack $17.95
00000348DVD $19.95

Pentatonic Scales for Electric Bass

A Practical Approach to the Pentatonic World for the 4- and 5- String
By Max Palermo
Pentatonic scales are widely used in all styles of music. This book focuses on the most often used, including ethnic and exotic scales. For each, this book presents the structure and construction, the main chords with which the scale works well, and a list of relevant scales. Development over one and two octaves follows, with fingerings and tab for 4- and 5- string basses.
00001222 $19.95

Pickin’ Over the Speed Limit

Guinness World Records Fastest Banjo Player
Presented by Todd Taylor
Centerstream Publishing is proud to present Todd Taylor’s incredible arrangements in notes & banjo tab of classics including: Dust in the Wind; El Cumbachero; Freebird; How Great Thou Art; I Can’t Stop Loving You; Norwegian Wood; Rocket Man; Wayfaring Stranger, Yakety Sax; and more, plus some of Todd’s terrific originals. The book includes a bonus CD of Todd’s masterful playing on six searing tracks. An absolute must for all banjo players.
00001494Book/CD Pack $19.99

Play the Harmonica Well

by Douglas Tate
This handy, easy-to-use book aims to explain precisely what is required to play this instrument well. Topics covered include: holding, posture, mouth position, movement, breath control, articulation, phrasing, tone manipulation, vibrato, trills and turns, projection, chords and intervals, interpretation, and much more. For chromatic players, but diatonic harmonica players will learn just as much.
00000244 $9.95

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