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Killer Pentatonics for Guitar

by Dave Celentano
Covers innovative and diverse ways of playing pentatonic scales in blues, rock and heavy metal. The licks and ideas in this book will give you a fresh approach to playing the pentatonic scale, hopefully inspiring you to reach for higher levels in your playing. The 37-minute companion CD features recorded examples.
00000285Book/CD Pack $17.95

Latin Styles For Guitar

by Brian Chambouleyron
The mixing of Spanish, Portuguese, African, European and native people in Latin America has blended into many music styles of the Argentina region. The beauty and variety of these musical styles have fascinated Brian Chambouleyron since his early days as a student.

The 12 tunes in this book specially composed by award winning Argentinean guitarist, Brian Chambouleyron, display some of the different, original styles characteristic of the Latin American people. Particular attention is paid to these differences that contribute to the unique beauty and richness of the musical styles of the various countries. CD Included.

00001123Softcover $19.95

Left-Hand Guitar Chord Chart

by Ron Middlebrook
Printed on durable card stock, this "first-of-a-kind" guitar chord chart displays all forms of major and minor chords in two forms, beginner and advanced.
00000005 $2.95

Lill Brats Bass Method

Designed for the Young Bass Guitar Player, Ages 9 and Up
by Brian Emmel
A private bass instructor for more than 20 years., Brian Emmel has written this cool book/CD pack so bass students age 9 and up can have a great time learning to read notation and tablature. The exercises use real ball lines from classic rock songs. the CD has 40 High-energy real rock band tracks: 20songs with the bass part and 20 without the bass to play along with. Guitar chords are included - plus a guitar chord chart - so your guitar-playing buddies can jam with you!
00001587Book/CD Pack $15.99

Love Songs for Ukulele

37 Love Songs in All
by Dick Sheridan
Romance is in the air, and here to prove it are 37 of the best and most enduring love songs ever! Here are romantic treasures from the musical theater; whimsical novelty numbers; ballads of both true and false love; songs for sweethearts, lovers and hopefuls; sad songs of longing and heartbreak; and barbershop favorites. The creative ukulele arrangements in notes, tab & chords make each song rewarding and fun to play. Includes: Beautiful Dreamer • Careless Love • I Love You Truly • Let Me Call You Sweetheart • My Gal Sal • Avalon • Frankie and Johnny • Secrets • Margie • Oh By Jingo! • I Want a Girl • Ida • Moonlight Bay • and many more. Arranged in standard C tuning for soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles, with tunes readily adaptable to baritone ukulele, tenor guitars, and guitar-tuned banjos.
00119342Softcover $12.99

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