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Triads for the Rock Guitarist

A Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Triads for Rhythm and Lead Guitar
by Dave Celentano
This complete guide to understanding and using triads for rhythm and lead guitar unlocks the mysteries of triads. It includes theory, practical advice, valuable tips, and tons of examples to get you playing rhythm and lead guitar with triads. Many styles are covered – rock, classical, reggae, metal, blues and more! The book includes online access to audio examples for download or streaming.
00158235Book w/Online Audio $17.99

Trumpet Fingering Chart

With only three valves, the trumpet can use a total of seven different combinations of fingers. These combinations are called "fingerings". This handy "fingering note chart" will have you learning all the notes on the trumpet - ASAP! There are beginning and advance note combinations. Also, included are some note exercises, simple songs, and an 8-note scale.
00337782 $3.49

Ukulele 101

The Fun & Easy Ukulele Method
by KEV - Kevin Rones
Thinking about playing the ukulele? UKE can do it! This book is an excellent introduction to the world of the ukulele. With the method presented here, you should gain a basic understanding of the instrument, and amaze & impress your friends and family with your new knowledge and playing abilities! Many of the Exersongs™ in this book are done in tablature and standard music notation with chords so you can practice strumming, or play the melody and picking patterns along with the CD. Get started today!
00119896Book/CD Pack $17.99

Ukulele Blues - The Ukulele Player's Guide to the Blues

Licks, Tricks & More
by Kevin Rones
This book is designed as a guide to help you learn to play & jam to the blues. The method presented in this book with CD (67 lesson tracks PLUS bonus Jam Traxs) will enable you to gain a basic understanding of blues ukulele to amaze and impress your friends, family, and even your dog with your new knowledge and playing abilities! Written in standard music notation and tablature, you’ll learn blues form, 12-bar blues, blues shuffle rhythm, 8-bar blues shuffle, the secret method of jamming, how to bend the notes, blues scales in different keys, minor blues, blues songs, bonus jam trax and much more. This book will have you playing blues in no time!
00141051 $19.99

Ukulele Chords

Plus Intros and Endings
by Ron Middlebrook
This handy chart includes clear, easy-to-see chord fingerings in all keys, plus a bonus section that provides favorite intros and endings in different keys. Also includes information on relative tuning.
00000246 $2.95

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