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1930s Country Mandolin: Bluegrass Roots

by Joseph Weidlich
Examine the development of country mandolin performance during the 1930s with this book by Joseph Weidlich. During that decade, the mandolin became a featured solo instrument requiring players to quickly develop a new style of playing in order to give vocalists a break from singing, particularly in the popular "brother act" format. As the decade progressed, numerous idiomatic techniques were tested, discarded and refined leading to instrumental solos that were eventually based more on playing over chord changes than on the actual melody itself. The techniques outlined here, based on period recordings, clearly establish the roots of that new solo approach which blossomed in the looser ensemble format of early 1940s "bluegrass" music.
00234819 $22.99

2-Bass Hits

Fundamentals of Playing 2-Bass Drums
by Dave "Bedrock" Bedrosian
This book/CD pack will help drum students learn: the fundamentals of playing two bass drums; important rhythms that all drummers should know; how to play confidently with both the feet and the hands; grooves in contemporary pop, rock & funk styles; and more.
00000247Book/CD Pack $17.95

2000 Blues Licks That Rock!

by Lawrence Fritts
The 2,000 licks in this book are organized into 36 chapters. These chapters explore the different pitches, rhythms, techniques and methods of phrasing found in blues and blues-influenced guitar solos and fills. Use these licks to deliver heavy, yet ear-catching riffs. These can be played along with the 43 backing tracks included on the 3 CDs that come with this book. They are all written in the key of a C blues, while the backing tracks are played in the keys of E, A, D, G, C, F, and B. A handy table is included that shows how to transpose up or down from C to other blues keys. The backing tracks (performed by a live band in a studio) are all in the 12-bar blues form, but the licks do not necessarily have to be played over specific chords in the progression. 424 pages.
00109377Book/3-CD Pack $35.99

25 Ways to Improve Your Improvising for Guitar

by Jay Marks
Keep your music sounding fresh with these ideas for ways to expand and improve your guitar playing. Learn how to: improvise with chords, use chord synonyms, work with modes, licks, and arpeggios, use dynamics and tone, improve melodic lines, use the entire fingerboard, improve your solos' contour, and many more technical and creative ideas.
00000344Book/CD Pack $19.95

25 Ways to Improve Your Solo Guitar Playing

by Jay Marks
Keep your music fresh with the great ideas in this new book! Covers: chords, dynamics, harmonics, phrasing, intros & endings and more!
00000323Book/CD Pack $19.95

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