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The Ukulele Goes Ragtime

by Dick Sheridan
Dick Sheridan has compiled essential themes for ten classic rags that sound great on ukulele. These arrangements will work for soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles in both C and low G tunings and for baritone ukes in standard tuning. You'll be able to play along with melodies and accompaniment chords thanks to the great recordings that are accessed online. The book includes a complete score for "The Entertainer" plus themes for: At a Georgia Camp Meeting - The Cascades - Crab Apples - Creole Belles - Dill Pickles - Dusty Rag - The Easy Winners - Maple Leaf Rag - Sensation - Swipesy Cakewalk. This wonderful collection provides nostalgic, elegant, uniquely entertaining and endless fun!
01207891Book/Online Audio $24.99

The Ultimate Collection of Waltzes for the Ukulele

And Other Songs in 3/4 Time
by Dick Sheridan
89 Golden oldies for individuals, small groups and orchestras are presented in standard notation and tablature with large chord diagrams and symbols for ukulele in this collection. These fabulous favorites drawn from rich, varied, and ever-popular sources including the classical, cowboy, folk, Gaslight Era, Irish, novelty, patriotic, regional & international, and spiritual genres. Accompanying audio tracks for play-along melodies and chords are provided online for download or streaming.
00302018Book/Online Audio $19.99

The Wayne Charvel Legend

Featuring Sons Michael Charvel and the Charvel Twins – Bob & Rick
by Frank Green
Wayne Charvel started Charvel Manufacturing in San Dimas, California and has been designing and building guitars for 49 years, working for B.C. Rich and Gibson, and for Fender in the 1970s. Wayne has built guitars for a who’s who of players, including Eddie Van Halen, Billy Gibbons, John Kay, Paul Gilbert, Pete Townsend, Warren Hanes, Hank Williams Jr., Jim Root, Joe Perry and many others. The Charvel name on the headstock of a solid-body electric guitar is a mark of value for buyers and collectors; the brand – which has been sold and re-sold and is now owned by Fender – has taken its place among other premium American brands. Under the “Wayne” logo, Wayne Charvel continues to build high-end guitars made in the USA. Here is the whole story, told by Wayne and his sons. As a bonus, the book includes a CD of songs by The Charvel Twins, Bob and Rick!
00121352Book/CD Pack $24.99

This Is the Time - The Dillards Songbook Collection

This songbook features classic songs from 40 great years of bluegrass by the Dillards. Contains many of their most requested songs, including those performed by The Darlins' on the Andy Griffith Show. 26 songs, including: Dooley, There is a Time, Old Man at the Mill, Buckin' Mule, Nobody Knows, Darlin' Boys, Shady Grove, Hickory Hollow, Gimme Chaw T'Baccer, Cold Trailin', Lonesome Indian, Somebody Touched Me, and more. Melody and lyrics with chord symbols, with one song (Banjo in the Hollow) in banjo tab.

This book also features a discography of the Dillards, a message from Rodney Dillard and a photo montage. 41 pages.

00000382 $19.95

Todd Taylor's 50 Most Requested Banjo Licks

by Todd Taylor
This book is a must have for the novice as well as the professional player! Each and every lick banjo players learn provides another vital piece to add to their repertoire and help develop their individual ability. Each lick is important, and Todd Taylor shares his licks and personal techniques he has spent a lifetime developing for the first time in this volume. These licks will make you a better player! Music examples are included in the online audio available for download or streaming.
00245087Book/Online Audio $12.99

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