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Regal Musical Instruments: 1895-1955

by Bob Carlin
Regal Musical Instruments: 1895-1955 is the only book to trace the history of the Chicago musical manufacturer. With its roots in Indianapolis, the Regal familiar to most c ollectors and players was spun off of music giant Lyon & Healy in 1908. Regal Musical Instruments 1895-1955 draws upon period trade magazines, distributor catalogues, as well as the never before published memories of Regal factory employees to paint a complete picture of the company’s history.
00001484 $45.00

Reminiscing in Tempo

Farewells and Recollections of Showbiz, Jazz and Drums
by Bruce Klauber
By way of incisive interviews, tributes, remembrances and eye-opening anecdotes about his personal association with everyone from Frank Sinatra and Lou Rawls to Mel Torme and Norman Mailer, this book chronicles Bruce Klauber's incredible, five plus decades as an author, acclaimed filmmaker, jazz journalist and columnist, talent scout, editor, public relations consultant, jazz drummer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist.
00253404 $24.99

Rhythm Guitar the Ranger Doug Way

with Suze Spencer Marshall
Laying down that solid groove for the rest of the band is a joy! In this book, 26 tunes are transcribed in varying levels of difficulty: a basic rhythm approach for the newcomers, then more adventurous and different approaches. Songs are included from styles spanning western swing, fiddle tunes, ballads, jazz standards and a polka. Playing tips are included for each song, plus you'll learn rhythm history, guitar theory, the right hand, a basic chord chart, and more.
00000424 $19.95


by Richard Smith
A complete and illustrated history of the development of Rickenbacker instruments from 1931 to the present, complete with information and full-color photos of the many Rickenbacker artists.
00000098(256 pages) $35.00

Ring the Banjar!

The Banjo in America from Folklore to Factory
by Robert Lloyd Webb
This is a second edition of a publication originally published to coincide with an exhibition of the same name at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum. Includes information on the banjo's enduring popularity, the banjo makers of Boston, instruments from the exhibition, a glossary and bibliography of the banjo, and more.
00000087(102 pages) $24.95

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