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The Amazing, Incredible, Shrinking Guitar

by Thornton Cline, Illustrations by Susan Oliver
Young Carla’s mom discovers grandpa’s beautiful old guitar tucked away in a closet while cleaning. Carla falls in love with it and wants to play, but her mom and dad tell her the guitar is way too big for her – she’ll need to grow before she can play. Carla struggles to play the guitar anyway. Her hand, arms and fingers hurt from stretching. Her friend tries to help her. Still the guitar is too big until one night she is visited by the guitar wizard who changes everything. Carla is amazed at what happens next. She learns the power of persistence and determination – to never give up. The book includes ten original easy singable songs with whimsical illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Susan Oliver. (Recommended for ages 4-8).
00159517 $9.99

The Amazing, Magical, Musical Plants

by Thornton Cline and Crystal Bowman, Illustrations by Susan Oliver
Mr. Jones is having trouble motivating his fifth grade band students to practice. When he discovers a packet of magical musical plant seeds in an old trombone case, he gets an idea. Mr. Jones plants the seeds in pots of soil and gives one to each of his students to take home. He tells the students how to care for the seeds and to play their instruments every day to make the plants grow. Some of his students laugh at his crazy idea, but some of his students take him seriously. The students soon discover what happens when they practice and when they don’t. The whimsical illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Susan Oliver add to the charm of this delightful story. The book includes a CD of 10 easy original songs with recorded examples of each band instrument. (Recommended for ages 4-8).
00155787 $19.99

The Art of Latin Drumming

A New Approach to Learn Traditional Afro-Cuban and Latin American Rhythms on Drums
by Jose Rosa and Hector “Pocho” Neciosup
This bilingual book presents a new systematic approach to playing Latin American rhythms. It’ll help you develop your coordination and independence, and play superimposed rhythms. Designed for drummers who are eager to take their playing to the next level, the book is divided into 16-week lessons – making it perfect for use as a semester course for high school or college. Loaded with practical exercises, plus two CDs packed with patterns and play-alongs – 144 tracks in all!
00001579Book/2-CD Pack $26.99

The Banjo Music of Tony Ellis

One of Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys in the 1960s, Tony Ellis is among the most renowned banjo players around. This superb book assembles songs from four highly acclaimed CDs Ð Dixie Banner, Farewell My Home, Quaker Girl and Sounds like Bluegrass to Me Ð capturing his unique two- and three-finger playing techniques in the bluegrass style in standard notation and tab.
00000326 $19.95

The Blues Styles of Kenny Sultan

by Kenny Sultan
In this book/CD pack, axe-master Kenny Sultan teaches guitarists: blues in five different keys; monotone and alternating right-hand thumb technique; rhythm playing; dropped D tuning; fills; leads and more. The accompanying CD includes demos of the exercises, as well as bonus tracks from Kenny's and Tom Ball's popular CDs.
00000316Book/CD Pack $19.95

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