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The Music Never Stops

A Journey Into The Music of The Unknown, The Forgotten, The Rich & Famous
by Dick Weissman
Dick Weisman, former member of ‘60s folk group The Journeymen, takes you on an odyssey through his years as a student, musician, recording artist, educator and author. The depth and flavor with which he tells his stories puts you right in the time and place where the memories were make! If you want to know what it was like to be a rising star in the ‘60s music scene – including all the trials, tribulations, business dealings and dirty laundry – then this is the book for you. Dick also has encouraging words for modern musicians – how to succeed, and pitfalls to avoid – while building a career in music, His undiminished love of playing music, simply for the love of the art, is obvious in every phase.
00175572 $27.99

The Nasty Blues

by Tom Ball
A celebration of crude and lewd songs by the best bluesmen and women in history, including Bo Carter, Bessie Smith, Irene Scruggs, Lil Johnson, Georgia White, Charlie Pickett, Lonnie Johnson, Ethel Waters, Dirty Red, and more. 30 songs in all, including: Sam, The Hot Dog Man, I Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl, Send Me a Man, Empty Bed Blues, One Hour Mama, and more.
00000049 $12.95

The Other Brands of Gibson

by Paul Fox
From 1929 through 1961 Gibson, Inc. of Kalamazoo, MI produced over 30 brands of musical instruments that did not carry the Gibson name. Many of these brands may be familiar, with names such as Recording King, National and Washburn, while many others are brands that only a handful of avid Gibsonites will know, such as Werlein Leader, Grinnell, Truett, and many more. This book is a complete guide to all of the other brands Gibson produced, complete with detailed descriptions, photos and rare examples of existing instruments from collectors around the world. If you’re hoping to find that diamond in the rough at the local garage sale, this guide will familiarize you with even the most obscure brands Gibson made for more than three decades.
00001560 $29.99

The Patriotic Guitarist

arranged by Larry McCabe
This red, white and cool collection contains 22 all-American guitar solos for fingerpickers and flatpickers. Includes: America the Beautiful, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, The Marines' Hymn, The Star Spangled Banner, Yankee Doodle, and many more patriotic favorites. The accompanying CD includes demo tracks for all the tunes.
00000293Book/CD Pack $19.95

The Perfect Harmonica Method

by Jerry Perelman
The harmonica opens a wonderful new avenue of musical adventure for classroom learning or individual playing. The Perfect Harmonica Method is the beginner's guide to learning to enjoy music and play the harmonica. This method has been proven over a period of years with thousands of successful students.
00000147Book/CD Pack $17.95

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