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The Diatonic Harmonica Workbook

by Bobby Joe Holman
This DVD is written for the person who can already play the diatonic harmonica but wishes to master the techniques, positions, and scales required to play the diatonic harmonica proficiently. Includes transcription booklet. Approximately 60 minutes.
00000335DVD $19.95

The Diatonic Harmonica Workbook

by Bobby Joe Holman
This book is for the person who can already play the diatonic harmonica, but wishes to master the techniques, positions and scales required to play with a greater degree of proficiency. The lessons in the book are presented clearly, and every lesson is then repeated on the accompanying CD as a lesson/rhythm track with and without harmonica parts so you can listen to how the part should sound, then play along.
00000289Book/CD Pack $19.95
00000335DVD $19.95

The Early Minstrel Banjo

by Joe Weidlich
Featuring more than 65 classic songs, this interesting book teaches how to play the minstrel banjo like players who were part of various popular troupes in 1865. The book includes: a short history of the banjo, including the origins of the minstrel show; info on the construction of minstrel banjos, chapters on each of the seven major banjo methods published through the end of the Civil War; songs from each method in banjo tablature, many available for the first time; info on how to arrange songs for the minstrel banjo; a reference list of contemporary gut and nylon string gauges approximating historical banjo string tensions in common usage during the antebellum period (for those Civil War re-enactors who wish to achieve that old-time "minstrel banjo" sound); an extensive cross-reference list of minstrel banjo song titles found in the major antebellum banjo methods; and more. (266 pages)
00000325 $29.95

The Flatpicker's Guide

by Dan Crary
This instruction/method book for flatpicking teaches how to play accompaniments, cross-picking, and how to play lick strums. Examples in the book are explained on the accompanying CD. The CD also allows the player to play along with the songs in the book.
00000231Book/CD Pack $19.95

The Gibson 'Burst

by Jay Scott and Vic DaPra, forewords by Jimmy Page and Robby Krieger
A musical instrument or a cultural icon? Certainly, the Gibson Les Paul "Sunburst" Standard has become the single most desirable and collectable electric guitar ever made. The late '50s middle-of-the-road guitar emerges as the turn-of-the-century Holy Grail. With over 300 'Bursts shown and 16 pages of full color photos, this is the book for all collectors. Also includes a 1958, '59, and '60 Sunburst Les Paul serial number list.
"Since the first publication of this book 'til today, the Sunburst has continued to inspire me and new generations of musicians. Thank you, Les." - Jimmy Page

00000423Softcover $35.00
00000477Hardcover $50.00

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