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The Gibson 335

Its History and Players
by Adrian Ingram
Gibson's first "semi-acoustic" the ES-335, which was neither totally solid nor fully acoustic, is the guitar of choice used by many famous guitarists such as Andy Summers, Elvin Bishop, Lee Ritenour, Jay Graydon, Robben Ford, Freddie King, John McLaughin, Jimmy Page, Chuck Berry, Tony Mottola, Johnny Rivers, Jack Wilkins, Bono, Grant Green, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Alvin Lee, B.B. King, Emily Remler, Otis Rush, Pete Townshend, John Lee Hooker, and Larry Carlton. This book includes the complete history of the 335, the players, a beautiful color section, chronology, shipping totals and more. A must-have for every 335 player and guitar enthusiast or collector!
00000353(120 pages) $29.95

The Gibson L5

by Adrian Ingram
Introduced in 1922, the Gibson L5 is the precursor of the modern archtop guitar. This book takes a look at its history and most famous players, from its creation, through the Norlin years, to its standing today as the world's most popular jazz guitar. Includes a 16-page full-color photo section.
00000216(112 pages) $29.95

The Guitar Chord shapes of Charlie Christian

by Joe Weidlich
The concepts and fingerings in this book have been developed by analyzing the licks used by Charlie Christian. Chord shapes are moveable; thus one can play the riffs in virtually any key without difficulty by simply moving the shape, and fingerings used to play them, up or down the fingerboard. The author shows how the chord shapes Ð F, D and A Ð are formed, then can easily be modified to major, minor, dominant seventh and diminished seventh chord voicings. Analyzing licks frequently used by Charlie Christian, Joe has identified a series of what he calls tetrafragments, i.e., the core element of a lick. The identifiable ""sound"" of a particular lick is preserved regardless of how many notes are added on either side of it, e.g., pickup notes or tag endings. Many examples are shown and played on the CD of how this basic concept was used by Charlie Christian to keep his solo lines moving forward. Weidlich also makes observations on the physical manner Charlie Christian used in playing jazz guitar, and how that approach contributed to his smooth, mostly down stroke, pick technique.
00000388Book/CD Pack $19.95

The Hawaiian Steel Guitar and Its Great Hawaiian Musicians

compiled & edited by Lorene Ruymar
This fascinating book takes a look at Hawaiian music; the origin of the steel guitar and how it spread throughout the world; Hawaiian playing styles, techniques and tunings; and more.
00000192(208 pages) $34.95

The History & Artistry of National Resonator Instruments

by Bob Brozman
This book is a history book, source book and owner's manual for players and fans that covers the facts and figures necessary for serious collectors. In addition to many black and white historical photos, there is a 32-page color section, and appendixes with serial numbers for all instruments, a company chronology, and a Hawaiian Artist Discography.
00000154(296 pages) $35.00

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