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Songs of the Civil War for Ukulele

by Dick Sheridan
25 tunes of the era that boosted morale, championed causes, pulled on the heartstrings, or gave impetus to battle. Includes: All Quiet Along the Potomac, Aura Lee, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Dixie, The Girl I left Behind Me. When Johnny Comes Marching Home, and more - All in standard C tuning, with notation, tablature and accompanying lyrics, The book also includes notes on the songs and historical commentary, and a handy chord chart!
00001588 $14.99

Songs of the Cowboy

compiled by Ron Middlebrook
This unique book celebrates the romance attached to the cowboy and his free-roaming lifestyle. By combining classic cowboy songs, trivia, photos, articles and diagrams with the tunes of current cowboy songwriters, this book pays special tribute to our Western musical heritage.
00000129 $12.95

Songs of the Trail

compiled by Ron Middlebrook

foreword by Rusty Richards

Relive the days of the cowboys bringing the herds home in this interesting compilation of facts and music! 53 songs by noted writers such as Doc Denning, Chris LeDoux, Rusty Richards, and Roy Rogers, Jr. celebrate the life and times on the range. This unique publication also features articles on black cowboys, cowgirls, cowboys' Spanish ancestry, and more.
00000152 $14.95

Sourcebook of Little Walter/Big Walter Licks for Blues Harmonica

by Tom Ball
This essential collection for blues harp players sets out to discuss, understand and demystify some of the playing of the phenomenal Walters: the legendary "Big Walter" Horton and "Little Walter" Jacobs. Includes a sampling of the best licks from each artist's repertoire, mapped out in easy-to-read harmonica tablature and played on CD, plus extensive notes on each musician's style, bios and discographies, harmonica basics, notes on amplification and equipment, and much more!
00000276Book/CD Pack $22.95

Spann’s Guide to Gibson 1902-1941

by Joe Spann
Centerstream presents this detailed look at the inner workings of the famous musical instrument manufacturer of Kalamazoo, Michigan before World War II. For the first time, Gibson fans can learn about the employees who built the instruments, exactly where the raw materials came from, the identity of parts vendors, and how the production was carried out. The book explains Gibson’s pre-World War II factory order number and serial number systems, and corrects longstanding chronological errors. Previously unknown information about every aspect of the operation is covered in-depth. Noted historian Joe Spann gathered firsthand info from pre-war employees, and had access to major Gibson document collections around the world. Long time Gibson experts, as well as casual collectors, will find this volume an indispensable addition to their reference shelf.
00001525 $39.99

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