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5-String Banjo Chords

by Ron Middlebrook
The only chart showing the open and moveable chord positions. Explains the two main playing styles, bluegrass and clawhammer, and includes a fingerboard chart.
00000074 $2.95

5-String Banjo Set-up & Maintenance

by Todd Taylor
Follow along with Todd as he takes you thru his easy to follow step by step book an on-line video. Contains 9 chapters filled with details, techniques and over 60 photos on how to set-up and keep your 5-string banjo maintained and sounding good. Chapters are: Changing the Banjo Head, Tighten & Tune the Banjo Head, Changing Strings, Set Bridge Intonation, Adjust Tress Rod, Raise & Lower Playing Action, Sticky Neck Remedy and Nut Repair. A must book and video for every banjo owner.
00346349 $29.99

5-String Bass Method

by Brian Emmel
Besides discussing how to adapt to the differences in the 5-string versus 4-, this book explores the various ways of using the 5-string, practice tips, different techniques, and practical applications for various genres demonstrated through songs on the 37-minute accompanying CD.
00000134Book/CD Pack $17.95

500 Smokin' Country Guitar Licks

by Eddie Collins
If your country guitar picking lacks the twang of the great Tele and electric fat-bodied Gibson players of days gone by, then you've found the right book! 500 Smokin' Country Guitar Licks is designed to help you build the skills needed to crank out the honky-tonk sound heard from Texas dance halls to the streets of Bakersfield. The licks are broken into stylistic categories, such as the country shuffle, honky-tonk, boogie, steel guitar sounds, chicken pickin', Cajun style, truck driving songs, train songs, the Bakersfield Sound, etc.
00327835Book/Online Audio $19.99

A Classic Collection of early Blues for the Ukulele

compiled by Sick Sheridan
29 essential early blues selections for ukulele made popular by Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong, W.C. Handy, Jelly Roll Morton, Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly and other legendary singers, bands and instrumentalist, past and present, songs include: St. Louis Blues – Memphis Blues – Jazz Me Blues – Yellow Dog Blues – Aunt Hagar’s Blues - Worried Man Blues – Farewell Garden Blues- and more. Includes access to Audio Tracks Online for download or Streaming.
00216670Book/Online Audio $15.99

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