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The Irish Tenor Banjo

by Dick Sheridan
Play 47 Irish selections on the tenor banjo with this collection of reels, jigs, slip jigs, hornpipes, polkas, & slides. The tunes are presented in multiple keys (both traditional and modal) and are presented in both standard notation and tablature with chord names and large diagrams. Songs include: Bag of Spuds - Cherish the Ladies - Drowsy Maggie - Farewell to Whiskey - Lark in the Morning - Rocky Road to Dublin - The Tempest - and more. Audio tracks are available for learning and listening with pitch and speed control for download or streaming online. Also features traditional Irish GDAE tuning with a chart of basic chords.
00370212Book/Online Audio $19.99

The Kilted Fiddler

by Alan Lerwick
A collection of 167 Scottish-fiddle tunes compiled and arranged by Alan Lerwick, including: Reels and Scotch measures, Strathspeys, Jigs, Hornpipes, Waltzes, Descriptive Tunes, Marches, Slow Airs and Laments, and more. Includes historical notes, playing tips and photos.
00000194 $24.95

The Larson's Creations - Centennial Edition

by Robert Carl Hartman
Swedish immigrant cabinet makers Carl and August Larson made instruments under the brand names of Maurer, Prairie State, Euphonon, W.J. Dyer & Bro., Wm. C. Stahl, and under their own name, and their highly collectible creations are considered today to be some of the finest ever made. Lovingly researched and written by Robert Hartman, grandson of Carl Larson, The Larsons' Creations contains many beautiful color photos of these artful instruments, classic ads & catalogs, and a CD featuring 11 artists and a mandolin orchestra. Includes 32 pages of full-color photos!
00001042Softcover Book/CD Pack $45.00
00001043Hardcover Book/CD Pack (312 pages) $65.00

The Lives of the Christmas Music Makers

by Dale V. Nobbman
Look into the lives of 40 authors, composers and translators of our favorite pre-20th century traditional Christmas songs heard around the world in this book by Dale V. Nobbman. Many of these individuals rose above poverty and other adversities to eventually write their names in music history books. Their songs have left a legacy of pleasant memories for generations of people around the world. Those profiled in the book include Adolphe Charles Adam, Franz Xavier Gruber, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Martin Luther, Felix Mendelssohn, James Pierpont, Charles Wesley, and many more.
00286905 $14.99

The Low G String Tuning Ukulele

by Ron Middlebrook
25 popular songs for the ukulele in standard music notation, tablature and easy chords. To get the most out of this book, you’ll want to replace the fourth (high G) string with one of a heavier gauge and tune it an octave lower to get that full, deep sound – a lá Hawaiian uke virtuoso Jesse Kalima – in playing the melodies in this book. The chords can be played with or without the low G sound.
00001534Book/CD Pack $19.99

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