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Target Tones

by David Brewster
This breakthrough guide for guitarists will unlock some of the mystery behind playing over chords and progressions. Working through this material and these concepts will help any guitarist learn how to play the right notes, at the right time – all the time. Each chapter centers around a different chord type and progression and includes various soloing concepts, phrasing options, and melodic approaches to playing over chords in both major and minor keys. This includes playing over major and minor chords and eventually moves into 7th chords and their extensions. Includes access to musical audio examples online.
00233322Book/Online Audio $19.99

Taylor Made

Todd Taylor’s Most Requested Banjo Hits
by Todd Taylor
10 songs from the world’s fastest banjo player featuring Todd’s well-known and requested originals are included in this instrumental songbook: Back Home in Carolina - Banjo Blues - Six Guns - The Race is On - Waterfall - Cork Swamp Blues - and more. Online access to audio tracks of the songs in the book is provided.
00242594Book/Online Audio $22.99

The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Clarinet

by Thornton Cline/Illust. Susan Oliver
Jake joins the band at school to play clarinet. He continually refuses to play the clarinet correctly a demanded by his band director and private music teacher. Jake is stubborn. All Jake wants to do is play the clarinet his own way until he receives a mysterious letter in the mail from the Clarinet Wizard. The Wizard warns Jake that if he doesn't play the clarinet correctly and follow the teacher's instructions, his clarinet will shrink until he is unable to play it anymore. Jake discovers the secret to keeping his clarinet from shrinking by changing his attitude. Jake begins to follow his teacher's instruction and becomes really good on the clarinet. (Recommended for ages 4-9)
00287232 $9.99

The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Drums

Story by Thornton Cline Illustrations by Susan Oliver
Matt receives a nice drum set from his parents and starts lessons with Mr. Thompson. He discovers he is talented, and brags to his friends on how good he is on drums – so much that no one wants to be around him. One day, Matt visits a music store and watches a strange-looking man, dressed like a rock star, playing the drums. The man warns Matt that if he continues to brag, his drums will shrink until he won’t be able to play any more. Matt discovers that it doesn’t pay to brag and learns how to keep his drums from shrinking. A songbook of 10 fun and catchy original tunes is included. Recommended for 4-8.
00231633 $9.99

The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Piano

by Thornton Cline/illust. Susan Oliver
Lily is given a piano from her grandmother for her birthday. Lily continues to slam her hands against the keys with anger when she makes mistakes. One night she is visited by her grandmother in a dream who warms Lily not to hit her piano anymore or it will shrink. Lily discovers the secret of how to keep her piano from shrinking. This heartwarming story teaches the respect of the piano. Lily learns how to play beautiful music on her piano without hitting her piano keys. The whimsical illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Susan Oliver add to the charm and merriment of the story. The book includes a CD of 10 easy original songs for piano or voice (with lyrics sung by a children’s choir) and narrations of the story. (Recommended for ages 4-8)
00149098Book/CD Pack $19.99

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