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Keith Ferguson

Texas Blues Bass
by Detlef Schmidt, forewords by Jimmie Vaughan and Billy F. Gibbons
Ask any blues bass player to name their most influential blues bass player, and almost all will mention Willy Dixon for upright bass and Keith Ferguson from the Fabulous Thunderbirds for electric bass. Keith played with all the great guitar players from Texas: Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmie Vaughan, Rocky Hill, Billy F. Gibbons, Omar Dykes, and Alan Haynes, just to mention a few. In this extensively researched biography, Detlef Schmidt starts with Keith’s early childhood, and on to his playing days. Keith’s role in the late 1970s blues revival can’t be forgotten, with his style of playing and dressing being influential to many blues bands all over the world. Many of Keith Ferguson’s old friends and musical partners share their memories of a great bass player and fascinating person, with quotes and interviews from Johnny Winter, Lou Ann Barton, Fran Christina, Preston Hubbard, Mike Buck, and many more. Hundreds of never before published photographs and personal documents are shown for the first time. Oversized, 320 pages, full-color throughout.
00137719Oversized, 320 pages, full-color $39.00

Kev's QuickStart for Fingerstyle Ukulele

by Kevin Rones
Combining picking patterns, chords strumming & melody lines for interesting and fun arrangements. This new book will help anyone move beyond three chords and a strum! Kev covers techniques and patterns, tablature, music reading and much more, with arrangements written specifically for fingerstyle uke in styles ranging from Cletic to classical Perfect for uke newbies, or intermediate players.
00001590Book/CD Pack $17.99

Kid's Uke - Ukulele Activity Fun Book

Kev's Learn & Play Series
by Kevin Rones
Get your kids involved and excited about music with this fun Learn & Play Kid's Activity Book. It's the perfect introduction to the ukulele - you'll learn about the ukulele and how to play it through a series of fun activities including songs, coloring, note reading, puzzles, crosswords, a word search, chords and more.
00173015Ukulele Primer (Ages 4-8) $11.99

Killer Pentatonics for Guitar

by Dave Celentano
Covers innovative and diverse ways of playing pentatonic scales in blues, rock and heavy metal. The licks and ideas in this book will give you a fresh approach to playing the pentatonic scale, hopefully inspiring you to reach for higher levels in your playing. The 37-minute companion CD features recorded examples.
00000285Book/CD Pack $17.95

Killer Pentatonics for Guitar

Innovative and Diverse Ways of Playing Pentatonic Scales in Blues, Rock and Heavy Metal.
with Dave Celentano
Guitar Instructor/host Dave Celentano teaches innovative and diverse ways of playing the pentatonic scale in rock and heavy metal. He covers: the five position patterns for the pentatonic scale; sequences string bending, connecting the scale patterns, string skipping, two-hand tapping pentatonics, a complete pentatonic solo played over backing tracks; and rhythm backing tracks for the student to rehearse soloing over. All examples are notated in tablature and included on the DVD as a printable PDF file. 60 minutes.
00001506DVD $19.99

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