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Open Guitar Tunings

Updated Edition
by Ron Middlebrook
Can't figure out what tuning your favorite band or artist used, then this book is for you. This bestseller has now been expanded to include over 220 artist with over 435 songs - the most comprehensive artist and tunings list ever compiled!  plus the only book to illustrate more than 75 different tunings in easy-to-read diagrams. Includes tunings used by artist such as Chet Atkins, Michael Hedges, Jimmy Page, Joe Satriani and many others - for rock, blues bluegrass, folk and country styles.
00000130 $9.99

Open Tunings for Guitar

by Dorian Michael
This book provides 14 folk songs in 9 tunings to help guitarists become comfortable with changing tunings. Songs are ordered so that changing from one tuning to another is logical and non-intrusive. Includes: Fisher Blues (DADGBE), Fine Toast to Hewlett (DGDGBE), George Barbazan (DGDGBD), Amelia (DGDGCD), Will the Circle Be Unbroken (DADF#AD), more.
00000224Book/CD Pack $19.95

Orange Blossom Boys

The Untold Story of Ervin T. Rouse, Chubby Wise and the World's Most Famous Fiddle Tune
by Randy Noles
One of the most bizarre stories in all of popular music is the history of "Orange Blossom Special," arguably the century's best-known fiddle tune. The man credited with its ownership, Ervin T. Rouse, endured tragedy, alcoholism and mental illness. The man who claimed co-ownership, Chubby Wise, achieved fame as the seminal fiddler of the bluegrass genre, but struggled to overcome personal demons and to heal the scars of childhood abandonment and abuse. This fascinating book uncovers how their legacies are forever linked with the legendary diesel streamliner which inspired the tune. The CD includes several recordings of this historic song.
00000282Book/Bonus CD (214 pages) $24.95

Painless Arranging for Old-Time Country Guitar

by Joe Weidlich
This book will help readers recognize and remember commonly used note patterns and sequences in fiddle tunes and string band music, to make creations easier. Author Joe Weidlich analyzes four traditional favorites - including "The Wreck of the Old '97" - showing how guitarists can substitute notes and patterns, painlessly!
00001353 $14.99

Parlors, Porches & Islands

A Personal Collection of Fingerstyle Guitar Music
by Doc Rossi
This collection of Fingerstyle guitar pieces is a voyage for 18th century country dance tunes to 19th century parlor or domestic guitar music, to music that found its way to traditional rural players in the U.S. to slack key players in Hawaii, and from there to Doc Rossi's own music. Along the way, you'll explore some of the most important contemporary guitar tunings.
00363751Book/Online Audio $19.99

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