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New Directions Around the Drums

by Mark Hamon
Endorsed by notables like Hal Blaine, Peter Erskine, Jim Chapin, and more, this book features a comprehensive, non-rudimental approach to the drumset for beginners to professionals! It combines straight drum-to-drum patterns with cross-sticking configurations, and includes open-ended free-style drum patterns for use as solos and fills.
00000170 $14.95

New World Music

Reference Guide
by José Rosa
This history guide will introduce you to the music of Cuba, the Bahamas, Antigua, Barbuda, Puerto Rico, the Lesser Antilles, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Costa Rica, plus a very special musical style from Belize, Honduras, Guatemala and the coast of Nicaragua named "Garifuña", ending with music from the United States. On the accompanying three CD’s, author José Rosa narrates much of the text, and you’ll hear samples of this exciting music. You’ll discover many similarities between all the genres in the New World, and hear their European influences.
00001340Book/3-CD Pack $24.99

Old Time Radio Music Themes for Ukulele

by Dick Sheridan
This unique collection features 37 selections with reference to many more from radio's golden age presented in standard notation and tablature. It includes a sampling of best-loved and well remembered radio broadcasts and their theme songs spanning the years from 1930-1950. It includes extensive background information, commentaries, and a look at comedies, sitcoms, juvenile adventures, soap operas, mysteries, horrors and suspense, Westerns, dramas, musical and variety shows, and jingles and premiums. This collection also includes audio files for listening and play-along fun for soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles.
00398136 $19.99

Old Time String Band Banjo Styles

by Joseph Weidlich
Old Time String Band Banjo Styles will introduce you to the traditional, rural string band banjo styles as played in the southern mountains of the eastern United States, which were used to “second” vocal songs and fiddle tunes during the Golden Age of recorded string band music, from the early 1920s through the early 1930s. Includes: Historical Background , String Band Transcriptions of Selected Backups and Solos, Building a Thumb-lead Style Backup
00123693 $19.99

Old-Time Country Guitar Backup Basics

by Joseph Weidlich
This instructional book uses commercial recordings from 70 different "sides" from the 1920s and early 1930s as its basis to learn the principal guitar backup techniques commonly used in old-time country music. Topics covered include: boom-chick patterns, bass runs, uses of the pentatonic scale, rhythmic variations, minor chromatic nuances, the use of chromatic passing tones, licks based on chords or chord progressions, and more.
00000389 $15.95

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